Ozone Pure Water Inc. carbon filtration systems are designed to safely and effectively remove contaminants from your water that will affect the taste, appearance or even the safety of your water. Contaminants can enter your water from a variety of places, including degrading pipes, chemicals that leech into the groundwater, or from an auxiliary source, such as a manufacturing plant or a landfill. The C.A.R. filtration system provides unlimited oxidized water particle removal, stopping contaminants from affecting the quality of your water.

C.A.R. filtration uses a carbon layer to pull contaminants to its surface and out of the water. This oxidized water particle removal process works without limits, providing a reliable filtration system that will not wear out or reduce in efficacy after extended use. Ozone Pure Water Inc. carbon filtration systems are made with long-lasting, reliable materials that naturally pull out chlorine, metals like iron and manganese, and the bacteria the feed on these metals. The C.A.R. filtration system also sterilizes water, rending inert the bacteria and viruses that may be present in your groundwater through a well or a leaky pipe.

Ozone Pure Water’s carbon filtration systems combine filtration methods including carbon filtration, reverse osmosis, ozone oxidation and other methods to completely filter water and eliminate contaminants. The unlimited oxidized water particle removal possible with C.A.R. filtration completely removes out colloidal particles that may cause water to become cloudy, metal particles, bacteria that feed on metals, organic chemicals, chlorine and more, delivering consistently clean, pure and reliable water at your home or business.

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