There are many additives, metals, minerals and even bacteria that can affect the taste, appearance of the cleanliness of your water. Ozone Pure Water Inc. provides carbon filtration for water purification to filter out impurities easily, without affecting the volume or pressure of your water.
Carbon filtration for water purification can be performed directly at your kitchen sink or to your whole home, treating all water to remove chemicals like chlorine that can affect taste, cause yellow or dingy coloration, or lead to unpleasant odors.

Ozone Pure Water supplies a variety of carbon filtration systems for water purification, including carbon cartridges, granular filter media and ultra-filtration to remove the smallest particles. If you have a problem with chlorine, carbon filters can be to remove the chlorine taste from your water. A smell similar to antiseptic or bleach can also be a sign that you may have high levels of chlorine in your water.

Though generally not harmful in small amounts, the smell or taste is off-putting and can make it unpleasant to drink water from the faucet. Chlorine is commonly used as a filtering agent itself, especially by those who rely on wells or by factories or water treatment plants to eliminate bacteria. However, these levels shouldn’t be so high that it impacts your drinking water.

With a carbon filtration system for your water, we can help you remove smells, colors and tastes of chlorine treatment. Whether you choose an under-the-sink filter or a whole-home point-of-entry system, our ozone treatment and carbon filters can help deliver a higher water quality for your home or business, free of contamination from chlorine and other elements and contaminants.

Remove unpleasant smells, tastes, discoloration, harmful bacteria and more from your water using a simple and effective filtration system from Ozone Pure Water. Learn more today – and get a free water test performed – by calling us at 800-633-8469.