Filtration is a very important part of a water treatment system when the removal of a particle is necessary.

Types of Filtration


-For removal of course particles, oxidized iron, sulfur, manganese and color

-Removes particles down to the sub-micron level. Usually applied to pesticide, nitrate, sulphate, high TDS and chloride problems. Items include reverse osmosis and cartridge filters.

Types of Granular Filter Media

    In 1987, OPW developed this special media for removing iron, sulfur, manganese and biofilm. It resists fouling by being non-porous, inert, pH resistant and lightweight. The SP10 yields high service flow rates with low backwash rates. Best of all it is inexpensive and can last indefinitely.
  • GAC (carbon)
    A porous media designed to remove chemical, metallic and organic tastes/odors. Has a finite life.
    Known as softener resins to remove hardness (calcium/magnesium) from the water. Backwashes with a brine solution.
    Used as a color remover for tannic acid (tannins). Backwashes with a brine solution.

Filter Tanks & Control Valves

Filter Tanks
All media must be put in a vessel or tank. Tanks are constructed of an internal poly shell, wrapped with fiberglass for strength.

Each tank is sized according to…..

  • Gallons per minute flow.
  • Gallons per day usage.
  • Particle type to be removed.

Automatic Filter Backwash Control Valves

The backwash valve changes the direction of flow through the media tank allowing the cleansing/rinse cycles to occur. This can be done on a timer or water meter basis. Backwash valves have a glass filled poly body, stainless pistons, and other plastic/steel parts. The valves have been in use for over 30 years.

We stock various tank sizes and filter valves. Simply fill out and send us the information form so we can give you a quotation.

C.A.R. Filtration

Unlimited Oxidized Particle Removal

The C.A.R. filtration line is a specially designed cartridge filter that will remove an UNLIMITED amount of:

  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • Sulfur
  • Clay, Sand, Silt, Sediment
  • Slimy Biofilm

The C.A.R. Eliminates The Need For:

  • Multiple Backwashes per Day
  • Meter Backwash Valves
  • Clean Water Backwash
  • Water Wasted on Extensive Backwashes

Whole House Chlorine, Organic Color & Odor Removal

Ozone Pure Water has many systems that eliminate water problems such as:

  • Iron
  • Sulfur
  • Manganese
  • Color
  • Chemical chlorine taste and odor
  • Hazardous chemical by-products

Whole House Treatment System:

GAC4 Filter: 7.5” x 22”, wall mounted, 1” mpt inlet/outlet.
This filter will remove up to 5 ppm chlorine for over 100,000 gallons.
This equates to typically a once per year change.
The GAC4 can also remove up to 2 ppm of Tannic Acid.