How Household Ozone Units Work

Purifying your water may seem like a complicated process, but at Ozone Pure Water we want our clients to know exactly what is happening inside our household ozone units. Ozone has been used to purify water since the late 19th century, but Ozone Pure’s water treatment systems are state-of-the-art ways to purify your home’s water. Ozone is a naturally occurring material that is more efficient and cheaper to use than other chemical water treatments.

Ozone is a gas that acts as a powerful oxidant and disinfectant. When injected as tiny bubbles in water, ozone precipitates materials such as iron, sulfur and manganese, while destroying bacteria at the same time. When the water is aerated and filtered, these harmful elements are removed from your water, leaving safe, clean water for your home.

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Ozone Unit Water Treatment

How Ozone Units Works