For ozone filtration to operate effectively, the process requires the introduction of the proper levels of ozone. Too little will hinder the filtration process and too much can cause damage to pipes. Ozone Pure Water Inc. designs ozone gas pumps, including state-of-the-art Venturi injectors, to introduce the right amount of ozone into the filtration system. This process ensures metals in the water oxidize so they can then be filtered out and treats bacteria and other harmful elements and neutralizes them before they reach your faucet, shower, washing machine or another outlet.

Ozone gas pumps that use Venturi injectors work directly in the filtration system to infuse ozone into the water tank. As water is constructed moving into the injector, it begins moving at a higher velocity, creating a vacuum effect that can draw ozone up into the stream of water. This injects ozone at the levels needed to treat water without the need for any moving parts or mechanical equipment, creating a maintenance-free solution for water purification.

The tiny bubbles of ozone injected into the water combine with metals to create metal oxides that are filtered out as part of the purification process. Ozone also works to break apart harmful viruses, bacteria, fungi and other carbon-based elements, eliminating these hazards from your water supply.

Ozone gas pumps combing with Venturi injectors to provide a simple solution, but must be properly sized to match existing PSI and GPM of a water system. If this isn’t properly factored in and sized when designing your system, the injector could cause too much or too little ozone to enter the system, resulting in insufficient purification or corrosion issues with components further downstream.

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