Ozone filtration eliminates contaminants in water through the process of oxidation. Ozone molecules oxidize rapidly by attaching oxygen atoms and free electrons to other molecules and breaking apart the bonds connecting them. For this to occur and provide effective filtration, ozone molecules must be introduced to the water at a level that matches the volume of water being treated. That’s why Ozone Pure Water Inc. offers custom volume ozonators that can be designed to treat your specific volume of water.

Ozonators are the equipment that introduces ozone into water to begin the sterilization and purification process. Our specialized water treatment machines are purpose built and designed to accommodate the water needs of your home or business. A custom water treatment machine introduces the exact amount of ozone necessary to oxidize metals in your water and safely eliminate microbes without leaving any residuals behind.

We design custom volume ozonators to work with the water volume that you use on a regular basis. By scaling the equipment to meet your water demands, you can rest assured that you will always have reliably purified and clean water available. A custom volume ozonator may be as small as a unit that fits under your sink, and eliminates iron, sulfur, manganese, bacteria and viruses from a specific tap in your home, or a large unit that purifies all water as it enters your home –a point-of-entry filtration system – that eliminates impurities before they ever reach your faucets, showers, washing machines, dish washers and more.

Ozone purification ensures that water impurities and contaminants are not ingested, absorbed through contact or inhaled through steam. Let the team at Ozone Pure Water provide a water treatment machine scaled to meet the needs of your home or business. Give us a call at 800-633-8469 today and discuss your needs with us to learn more about getting a custom volume ozonator for your building.