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Reasons Why It’s Important to be Consuming Pure Water When You’re Pregnant

Reasons Why It’s Important to be Consuming Pure Water When You Are PregnantWhether you are pregnant or not, it is important to be drinking water.

It is especially important for pregnant women to be consuming large amounts of water while pregnant.


Dehydration – Pregnancy takes a significant toll on the body from morning sickness to aches and pains.

If a pregnant woman becomes dehydrated these symptoms can worsen and it can be damaging to mom and baby.

Urinary Tract Infections – Once you become pregnant your chances of getting a UTI skyrocket.

By drinking lots of pure water, you dilute your urine and reduce your risk of contracting one of these painful infections.

Preventing Constipation – Constipation is a side effect of pregnancy that many women complain about.

By consuming a good amount of water daily, you can increase the flow of your bowel movements.

Prevent Gestational Diabetes – Making the switch from carbonated sweet beverages is never easy, especially when you feel like you rely on them to just get through the day.

These sugary beverages, if consumed in large amounts, can lead to gestational diabetes.

By making the switch to water, you can significantly reduce your risks of gestational diabetes.

Breast Milk – we need to focus on after pregnancy as well when speaking about reasons pregnant women should drink water.

For those that are planning on breastfeeding, continuing to drink water will help for maintaining your supply for the new baby.

The benefits of drinking pure water while pregnant are endless for preventing infections and making life a whole lot more comfortable for those nine long months.

When you become pregnant or are thinking about becoming pregnant, turn to pure water to stay healthy.

Ozone Pure’s water treatment systems are state-of-the-art ways to purify your home’s water.

For more information about our wide variety of household ozone units, contact Ozone Pure Water today.

Looking for Clean Water? Get an Ozonator

Looking For Clean Water? Get An OzonatorWater filtration systems are becoming more and more common in homes and businesses across America.

But despite this growing trend, there are still many who do not have one.

When you decide to purchase a filtration system such as the Ozonator, it’s important you get the one that best fits your home or business.


When picking an Ozonator you first have to take into consideration what you’re getting it for.

For your home or if you have a small business, you might be able to get away with a Small Volume Ozonator.

The Ozonator output will be able to handle a water supply for a small number or people and make sure the water they drink is safe.

Now if you run a big business or your building has a lot of people as well as a warehouse, then the Large Volume Ozonator will be perfect.

The reason being, its gallons per hour is a great deal higher than the Small Volume Ozonator.

Now you may think a bigger business could be able to get away with a smaller Ozonator but consider how many people could be using the water.

That number could be in the hundreds and you want to make sure that everyone has access to clean, refreshing water.

Ozone Pure Water specializes in residential, commercial and industrial water filtration services including water purification systems.

We provide reliable and effective products to make sure your water is always safe to drink.

If you would like more information on this or any of our other products, contact us today!

Eliminate Odors in Your Home With an Air Ozone Unit

Eliminate Odors In Your Home With An Air Ozone UnitIf you start to smell something funky in your home, it is a combination of either a single chemical or a mixture of chemicals that have triggered your sense of smell.

While you are aware that it’s there, you are not aware of the damage it could cause or if it will result in health issues.

Some can result in eye, nose or throat irritation and more severe odors can cause breathing problems, headaches or nausea; the result can be determined by the length of time we are exposed to the odor.

It’s important to remember that sometimes the longer we are exposed, the less aware we are of the odor.

We get used to it, get comfortable and may not realize the damage it is doing to our health and our homes.


If you feel like you’ve tried everything you can think of but the smell continues to linger, consider using the ozone pure water equipment.

It combines with the odor causing chemicals and changes the chemical makeup of that odor.

Then it kills the mold, mildew, spores, etc.

It can remove the odor permanently, however, if the source of the smell cannot be removed, then the process must be done on a regular basis.

There really isn’t an installation required.

You simply place the equipment close to a wall outlet and leave the treatment area.

It may take a few minutes or a few hours for the odor to disappear.

The system is beneficial for homes as well as a number of organizations.

For a list of businesses and services that could benefit from ozone, please visit our Air Ozone Unit page.

If you would like more information about the system and how it could benefit you, please contact us.

We have an extensive inventory that is ready for quick delivery.

7 Reasons for Tesing Your Water, & Why It’s Needed

7 Reasons For Testing Your Water & Why It’s NeededDrinking, cooking, and bathing, we need water for everything, which is why testing our water is more important that we think.

While some contaminants are visible, most are not.

There are organisms and chemical substances that can cause serious health risks.

Even if it’s just hard water or water that meets federal standards, that doesn’t mean that your water as safe as you’d prefer.

You should have your water tested to determine its quality and prevent any health threats.


  • Send us a 16 oz. water sample and try to get little to no air space.
  • Make sure the container you are using is sterile to ensure the test results are accurate.
  • When running the water, allow it to run for 10 – 15 minutes to remove the stagnant water.
  • Use a slow flow of water to avoid splashing the actual sample and let the sample go right into the sterile bottle.
  • If you’re taking it from a well or spring without a pump, use a wire or string to lower the bottle beneath the surface.
  • Transport the sample to the lab as quickly as you can, within 24 hours, which is usually the time limit.
  • These tests should be done every six months to check bacteria and every one to two years for a chemical check.

Ozone Pure Water will test your water for system compatibility and contamination, offering free and advanced testing to ensure you that your water is clean and safe for you and your family.

Not only do we offer free testing, we offer water filtration systems as well.

Contact us today to find the water system that best suits your home and take all the necessary precautions against anything harmful in your water.

Make Your Business’ Water Safe With a Cooling Tower

Make Your Business’s Water Safe With A Cooling TowerThe watercooler is a staple of the American workplace.

It gives you refreshing and drinkable water, coupled with a chance to catch up on current events and gripes with coworkers.

The problem is there is no way to make sure the water you’re all drinking is the cleanest unless you trust that all the filters have been changed regularly and the dispenser has been cleaned.

To fix these types of worries, it would be a good idea to invest in a cooling tower for your water.


Having a cooling tower in your business would instantly improve the quality of your water as you would no longer have to wonder what’s in your water.

That’s because a cooling tower would eliminate any viruses that may find their way into your water supply.

It would also handle any build up of calcium or similar contaminants within the water.

Another perk of the tower that would be able to visibly notice will be in the water clarity itself.

If you have found your water to be a bit cloudy every so often, a cooling tower will take care of that no problem.

You will also notice that your water temperature will be cooler as well.

So gone are the days of poor water quality, a cooling tower will make you wonder why you never had one before.

Ozone Pure Water is the premier supplier of water purification and filtration systems.

Our products and equipment are of the highest quality and will make sure the water you drink is of the highest standards.

For more information on our products, please feel free to contact us today!

Look Out For These Water Contaminants

Look Out For These Water ContaminantsEven though it may not be a popular thought, the air around us and the water we use is filled with numerous contaminants that can harm us.

It’s unfortunate, but outside of living in a bubble, there’s no real way to avoid them. However, we can do what we can to avoid them.

Here are a few of those contaminants and how we can prevent them.


Calcium Lime Hardness

This is the white, crusty deposits you find on your shower heads or drains. Calcium lime hardness is formed by two things: one of them being poorly maintenanced hot water system and the other is soap not being totally rinsed out of the shower or tub.

So take the time to rinse when your bathing is finished.

Tannic Acid

A yellow liquid that will stain your laundry, toilet and sinks. This occurs when your water hardens – to fix simply purchase a water softener from the store.

Hydrogen Sulfide/Sulfur

This is a foul, rotten egg-like odor that can leave black or gray specs on laundry, toilets and dishwashers just to name a few.

What causes this is bacteria in groundwater that makes its way into the water in your home.

Pesticides, Nitrates, Sulfates

These are odorless, tasteless and colorless contaminants that can lead to serious health problems.

They make their way into our water supply from groundwater.


This might be in your water supply if your laundry, toilet or sinks start to get orange or red stains on them. Iron makes its way into our water because the rain from a shower infiltrates the soil and dissolves it, allowing it to seep into our home’s supply.

Ozone Pure Water specializes in water purification and filtration systems to help make sure the water you drink is safe.

If you would like more information on our products, feel free to contact us today!

Ozone Process- How Does it Work?

Now for many, water purification can be a little difficult to comprehend. Between the process and the different types of systems that can be used such as Ozone units, it may look like rocket science.

That couldn’t be farther from the truth though as Ozone units and their water purification process is quite easy to understand and it has been around for a long time.

Ozone has been being used to purify water as early as the 19thcentury and compared to other chemicals used to treat water it is much more efficient and cheaper.


It is a gas and when it is applied to the water in your home it acts as not only an oxidant but a disinfectant as well. The whole process starts in the location where water enters your home. Then obviously, from there it goes through your filtration system.

Ozone is then injected as small bubbles into the water of your home. Once in there it pulls out harmful materials such as iron, sulfur and manganese all while eliminating any bacteria in the water.

From there the water is aerated and filtered. During that time, all of the previously mentioned harmful materials are removed from the water which then leaves you with safe water to consume.

Ozone Pure Water offers water purification and filtration systems to help make sure the water in your home, office or industrial building is as clean as possible.

If you would like more information on our products, feel free to contact us today!

Stay Healthy By Finding the Right Water Treatment System

Are you drinking your doctor recommended eight glasses of water a day? Even if you are, are you drinking the right water to stay in that healthy mode? Does your household tap watercolor worry you?

You see it’s not just about drinking a certain amount of water a day or keeping ourselves washed that keeps us healthy. It is also about making sure that you are drinking and cleaning with the right kind of water.


Neither is it beneficial for your home to have similarly contaminated water when you wash your clothes, dishes or yourself.

That’s where finding the right water treatment system can make all the difference. Eliminating common water problems and contaminants such as iron, sulfur, chlorine, and hazardous chemical by-products can make all the difference when you want to be surrounded by healthy water.

If you’re looking for a water treatment system solution, Ozone Pure Water has an option that can satisfy your needs and that can get the best out of your water. It’s called the Whole House Water Treatment System, and this high-quality water treatment can eliminate the guesswork that you might receive from other water treatment systems.

Through the power of ozone, the Whole House Water Treatment System will oxidize your water to help remove sulfur and other harmful materials before it gets to your faucet.

Ozone Pure Water systems have helped eliminate the maintenance and service headaches found with many chemical water treatment systems for more than 34 years. For more information on any of the products we offer, contact us today!

Don’t Let Your Pets be Affected by Bad Water, Too

Don’t Let Your Pets Be Affected By Bad Water TooBad water isn’t something us humans should be concerned with but also are animal counterparts as well. Yes, humans rely on water to survive, as we are made up of 75% water.

Animals have similar water body makeup and rely on water just as much if not more than humans.

That’s why the quality of water they intake is just as important, because if they are not drinking the right kind of water, then their health can suffer just like a human.

The idea of healthy water is congruent in the lives of our aquatic pets that live in water as well. Fish, sharks, and other water tank based animals can suffer silently if they are getting bad water into their gills and the like.

Impure water can contain materials and metals like lead, mercury, copper and zinc. All of those metals can cause short and long-term sicknesses that we do not want to suffer from, let alone our pets.


If you have been searching for water treatment and filtering systems for your home or business, then you know you want the right product for the right job.

Purifying your water can seem overwhelming, but when you find a company that specializes in the ability to purify your water, you are willing to use them for all aspects.

Find the peace of mind with clean water from Ozone Pure Water Ozone Units. With all types of products that can satisfy your filtration needs, Ozone Pure Water offers a process that utilizes ozone that filters and removes harmful elements from your water.

Want clean water you can trust for you and your pets? Contact us today!

Dangers of Bad Water in the Home

Bad Water In The HomeHome is where the heart is. Once you move into a new house, you think about upgrading the kitchen because you don’t like the layout, or painting the living room a bright and refreshing color.

Most people don’t think about the water supply or how dangerous it could be if the water is bad.

The only time most people would notice if the water is bad is if it changes to an off color and it isn’t clear anymore.  There are so many health consequences of drinking, bathing, or just washing your dishes in bad water while you are at home.


First of all, what could be possibly in your water at home that could make you sick? There are multiple contaminants to be concerned about actually: bacteria, total coliforms, E. coli, nitrates, as well as herbicides and pesticides.

  • If the water at your home tests positive for bacteria it is not safe to drink until the issue is fixed and the well is disinfected. If your water has no bacteria measured, it still may not be safe to drink. Total coliform bacteria, if present, indicate that disease-causing organisms (such as bacteria, viruses, parasites) could potentially be present in your water supply.
  • If E. coli is found in your water supply, this indicates that human sewage or animal feces are contaminating your water supply. Nitrates are most commonly found in rural areas where farming is present; it is most damaging to infants to be contaminated by this.
  • Lastly, herbicides and pesticides can be present in your water supply from agricultural reasons or general household use.

Most homeowners think that if their water is clear and quenches thirst that the supply is just fine.

You could not be more wrong. In fact, most of the time when your water is contaminated it is clear, tasteless and odorless. If you do notice a small change in the water, it could be a cause for concern.

So what are the health consequences if you, your family and friends drink water that is contaminated? There are plenty.

The health effects can range anywhere from nothing to mild stomach pain to even death.  The side effects could not even be brought on for years, take immediate effect, or they could not be noticed at all.

Some illnesses that are caused by contaminated water include nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, and diarrhea. Others illnesses include skin rashes, cancer (such as leukemia), reproduction issues (such as infertility), and developmental issues can occur if someone is exposed to the contaminated water for an extended period of time.

The true life story turned into a movie, about the effects of a bad drinking water supply is the Oscar Winning film “Erin Brockovich” where Erin’s investigation uncovered that Pacific Gas & Electric (PG & E) had been poisoning the small town of Hinkley’s Water supply for over 30 years. PG & E had been found for leaking toxic Chromium 6 into the ground water. This poison affected the health of the entire population of Hinkley, California.

Members of this community suffered from cancer, birth defects, and other such medical issues. In 1996, as a result of the largest direct action lawsuit of its kind, spearheaded by Erin Brockovich and Ed Masry, PG & E was forced to pay out the largest toxic tort injury settlement in US history: $333 million in damages to more than 600 Hinkley residents.

There are lots of factors as to how hard the effects of drinking contaminated water will affect your overall health.

How old someone is, the contamination level, overall health of a person, the type of contaminant, and how long the person has been drinking the contaminated water for.

If you suspect that your water is contaminated who is responsible for fixing it? If the well your water comes from is privately owned, you are responsible for taking care of the issue on your own.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations that protect public drinking water systems are not responsible for the maintenance of private wells. It is recommended that owners of private wells should check every year for mechanical problems, cleanliness, and the presence of coliform bacteria, nitrates, and any other contaminants of local concern.

local health department or water well systems professional can help ensure delivery of high-quality water from an existing well or if needed, help locate and construct a new well in a safer area.

If you are concerned about the safety of the water in your home after reading this article, there is no harm in checking if your water is safe.


To do so, you can contact your local health department. If they cannot assist you, you can contact the Safe Drinking Water Hotline at (800) 426-4791 for a state certified laboratory to find out the next steps in your area.

Ozone Pure Water filtering systems can provide you with cleaner and healthier drinking water in your home, building or office.

At Ozone Pure Water, we are offering our customers an extensive inventory of filtration systems that are ready for immediate delivery to our clients.

To find the most efficient methods of water filtration for you, Ozone Pure Water is constantly investing in research and development. For more information, please contact us at 1-800-633-8469 today!