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How Much Water Should You Drink?

water coolerMany people have a glass of water when they’re thirsting, but that’s not always enough. This is especially true if you enjoy drinks like coffee that can actually dehydrate you, or if you engage in regular physical activity. Substituting water for other drinks isn’t a great idea for your health, and you still need to consume a certain amount of water a day in order to keep yourself as hydrated as possible. While the exact amount may vary a bit from person to person, we’re here to go over exactly how much water you should be drinking each and every day.

One of the most important things to remember is that over half your body weight is made up of water. It is essential for not only ensuring nutrients reach your cells, but also for getting rid of various toxins that can build up throughout your system. Without enough water you will be more tired, and could even lead to more serious symptoms like passing out.

The amount of water a person should drink every day is different for men and women. In general, men should be drinking about 13 cups, while women need 9 cups. This many sound like a lot at first, but a cup is not actually that large. If you carry around a water bottle, odds are you can fill it up with at least a few cups worth of water.

Ensuring your body is constantly hydrated should be your primary goal. Try to spread your water consumption out over the course of the day, and make sure you have extra water nearby if you plan on working out or even being outside on a hot day.

Common Signs of Hard Water

You may be unfamiliar with the term ‘hard water,’ but if you don’t have a purification system in your property you may be drinking plenty of it. Hard water is essentially water that contains elevated levels of minerals, including calcium and magnesium. These enter water through mineral deposits in the ground, and while a moderate amount of these minerals in drinking water is fine, too much can cause problems. If you’re unsure whether or not hard water is coming through your faucets, there are a few telltale signs.


One of the most obvious signs is mineral deposits on and around your faucet heads. Over time, minerals in the water will build up on the sides of faucets, which look like a powdery white, light-yellow substance. These mineral deposits can also build up within plumbing systems, potentially leading to serious damage.


Hard water can also have an effect on those showering with it. Some of the symptoms it can cause include dry skin and itching. Because hard water doesn’t do a great job of washing out shampoo, it can also cause your hard to become unmanageable after taking a shower since the products you put in it aren’t being completely washed out.


Having hard water in your home can also impact the look and feel of your clothing. If you wash your laundry with hard water, your shirts can more easily fade, and it can even cause certain types of fabric to become rough or scratchy.


Don’t ignore any of these signs of hard water, and make the switch to purified water today.

Water; The Basis to Life Function

woman hydrating Because our bodies need plenty of water to survive, the effects of not drinking enough can result in dehydration. If you have to wonder whether or not you are dehydrated, odds are you should be drinking more water. Consider this; you can go 2 weeks without food, but only two days without water.

Dehydration starts off with mild to moderate symptoms at first, some of which can show up within a day of not drinking enough. If you are experiencing dry mouth, decreased urine, headaches, or dry skin, you may be entering the initial stages of dehydration. You may even feel dizzy or lightheaded.

If you allow these mild symptoms to progress by not hydrating yourself, you may be risking a trip to the emergency room. People experiencing severe dehydration may have a rapid heartbeat, a fever, and no urination. Eventually, dehydration can even cause unconsciousness.

Suffering from even the mildest symptoms of dehydration is no fun, so it’s important to drink water as soon as you feel any of them coming on. But if you make it habit to drink water regularly, and forgo the sugary and soft crinks, it would be a non-issue. Just remember to bring along an extra bottle any time you plan on exercising or being outside for long periods of time.

Health Benefits of Purified Water

purified waterIf you’re not already used to drinking purified water, you may be wondering why you should even make the switch. Purified water offers more health benefits than you probably realize, and the benefits of upgrading your water system are countless. There are a few main advantages you can expect in regards to your health.

Water is something we need to survive, and ideally, we drink several classes throughout the day. When we consume so much of something, why not make sure it is as pure as possible. Impure water contains several things that can be harmful to the body, including bacteria. While not all bacteria is bad for you, studies have shown that impure water has a fair amount of bacterial organisms that simply aren’t found in purified water.

The water you drink every day may also be getting to you through dirty pipes. Particles of dirt, rust, and grime from those pipes are finding their way into your water. Over time a large amount of these particles could accumulate in your person, making you sick.

Most drinking water also contains chlorine, which not only can have a few harmful side effects but also makes your water taste worse than it should. Purified water will cut out most of the chlorine, while still leaving you with perfectly sanitary and disinfected H2o.

These reasons are just a small sample of why you should be making the switch to purified water in your home or business as soon as possible.

Benefits of Ozone in Hot Tubs or Spas

spaWhether you have a hot tub in your home or run commercial spa facility, using ozone in your water has numerous benefits. Ozone is an oxidizer made up of three oxygen atoms proven to eliminate most contaminants found in water. And this is among several reasons you should purify your spa water.

To keep the water free of bacteria, hot tub owners have traditionally relied on dosing the water with harsh chemicals like chlorine. Ozone in your water eliminates the need for any chemicals, subsequently eliminating risk of irritation that sometimes accompanies these elements.

Most immediately noticeable, and most important to some, is keeping your water clean without chlorine means no chemical odor. The chlorine odor sticks around on your skin and swim suit until you shower and do a load of laundry, not to mention if you have an indoor spa the odor could perpetually linger. And naturally purified water and a chemical/noxious-free environment is simply more appealing and more conducive to relaxation.

Purifying your hot tub water with ozone is also a great way to extend the life of your equipment. Not unlike most things in your life requiring maintenance, hot tub upkeep can rack up quickly. Already expensive in the first place, keeping spa maintenance costs low starts with the water you have circulating your pumps and filter. Harsh chemicals in the water can greatly break down and shorten the life of your components… and greatly increase your maintenance bill.

Not only will ozone help to get rid of bacteria and viruses found in your spa water, but it can also eliminate algae buildup. These are just some of the many reasons you should purify your hot tub water with ozone.

Tips to Sterilize Water in the Back-Country

camping waterIf you are worried about the safety of your drinking water but you don’t yet have a purification system in place, there are a few other options available to you. While most tap water is completely harmless, it could contain minerals and other impurities that are not met to be consumed in large amounts. But making sure drinking your drinking water is clean when you’re in the back-country wilderness is crucial for preventing pathogen-born illness.

While it may take a bit of extra time, boiling water can sterilize it. In order to kill any potential germs in the water, you need to let it remain boiling for at least a minute. Of course, then you also have to wait for the water to cool down to room temperature before you can drink it.

If you don’t want to spend the time boiling your water– or are in a position whereby you lack the resources– you can also use chlorine tablets. Chlorine tablets have been around for a while and do the trick, but many are bothered by the after taste they leave behind. Sterilizing tablets are best regarded as a last resort.

While these two options are perfect for keeping your water sterilized while camping or hunting, your best bet is to bring as much water as you can haul. After your supply is diminished, only then should you resort to water-sterilizing options. For your home supply, the easiest way to ensure all of the drinking water in your home is safe as possible is with a water purification system.

Staying Safe With Your Water, and Eliminating Water Problems in Your Home

The next time you go to grab a drink of water from your faucet think about how confident you are with the cleanliness of the water you are about to consume.

Are you sure that your water is 100% filtered, clean and safe to drink?

Be confident with the water that you and your family are drinking by using an Ozone Pure Water Filtration System.

When removal of particles and peace of mind of having safe drinking water for you and your family is a priority; choosing the right filtration system for your home is key.


The Granular Filter Media is used for the removal of coarse particles, oxidized iron, sulfur, manganese, and color.

Ultra-Filtration is used for removing particles down to the sub-micron level.

These are usually applied to pesticide, nitrate, sulphate, high TDS and chloride problems.

Items include reverse osmosis and cartridge filters.

Your water can be contaminated in several different ways by many different contaminants.

It can contain bacteria or parasites, have chemicals in it from pesticides.

Your drinking water can also contain lead or mercury.

There are some people that can suffer more by poor tap water such as the very young or old, pregnant women, and the sick.

So before you think about turning on the tap water when you are at home, turn to Ozone Pure Water and let us ensure that your drinking water is safe by using one of our filters that will specifically work for you. Contact ustoday!

Reasons Why It’s Important to be Consuming Pure Water When You’re Pregnant

Reasons Why It’s Important to be Consuming Pure Water When You Are PregnantWhether you are pregnant or not, it is important to be drinking water.

It is especially important for pregnant women to be consuming large amounts of water while pregnant.


Dehydration – Pregnancy takes a significant toll on the body from morning sickness to aches and pains.

If a pregnant woman becomes dehydrated these symptoms can worsen and it can be damaging to mom and baby.

Urinary Tract Infections – Once you become pregnant your chances of getting a UTI skyrocket.

By drinking lots of pure water, you dilute your urine and reduce your risk of contracting one of these painful infections.

Preventing Constipation – Constipation is a side effect of pregnancy that many women complain about.

By consuming a good amount of water daily, you can increase the flow of your bowel movements.

Prevent Gestational Diabetes – Making the switch from carbonated sweet beverages is never easy, especially when you feel like you rely on them to just get through the day.

These sugary beverages, if consumed in large amounts, can lead to gestational diabetes.

By making the switch to water, you can significantly reduce your risks of gestational diabetes.

Breast Milk – we need to focus on after pregnancy as well when speaking about reasons pregnant women should drink water.

For those that are planning on breastfeeding, continuing to drink water will help for maintaining your supply for the new baby.

The benefits of drinking pure water while pregnant are endless for preventing infections and making life a whole lot more comfortable for those nine long months.

When you become pregnant or are thinking about becoming pregnant, turn to pure water to stay healthy.

Ozone Pure’s water treatment systems are state-of-the-art ways to purify your home’s water.

For more information about our wide variety of household ozone units, contact Ozone Pure Water today.

Looking for Clean Water? Get an Ozonator

Looking For Clean Water? Get An OzonatorWater filtration systems are becoming more and more common in homes and businesses across America.

But despite this growing trend, there are still many who do not have one.

When you decide to purchase a filtration system such as the Ozonator, it’s important you get the one that best fits your home or business.


When picking an Ozonator you first have to take into consideration what you’re getting it for.

For your home or if you have a small business, you might be able to get away with a Small Volume Ozonator.

The Ozonator output will be able to handle a water supply for a small number or people and make sure the water they drink is safe.

Now if you run a big business or your building has a lot of people as well as a warehouse, then the Large Volume Ozonator will be perfect.

The reason being, its gallons per hour is a great deal higher than the Small Volume Ozonator.

Now you may think a bigger business could be able to get away with a smaller Ozonator but consider how many people could be using the water.

That number could be in the hundreds and you want to make sure that everyone has access to clean, refreshing water.

Ozone Pure Water specializes in residential, commercial and industrial water filtration services including water purification systems.

We provide reliable and effective products to make sure your water is always safe to drink.

If you would like more information on this or any of our other products, contact us today!

Eliminate Odors in Your Home With an Air Ozone Unit

Eliminate Odors In Your Home With An Air Ozone UnitIf you start to smell something funky in your home, it is a combination of either a single chemical or a mixture of chemicals that have triggered your sense of smell.

While you are aware that it’s there, you are not aware of the damage it could cause or if it will result in health issues.

Some can result in eye, nose or throat irritation and more severe odors can cause breathing problems, headaches or nausea; the result can be determined by the length of time we are exposed to the odor.

It’s important to remember that sometimes the longer we are exposed, the less aware we are of the odor.

We get used to it, get comfortable and may not realize the damage it is doing to our health and our homes.


If you feel like you’ve tried everything you can think of but the smell continues to linger, consider using the ozone pure water equipment.

It combines with the odor causing chemicals and changes the chemical makeup of that odor.

Then it kills the mold, mildew, spores, etc.

It can remove the odor permanently, however, if the source of the smell cannot be removed, then the process must be done on a regular basis.

There really isn’t an installation required.

You simply place the equipment close to a wall outlet and leave the treatment area.

It may take a few minutes or a few hours for the odor to disappear.

The system is beneficial for homes as well as a number of organizations.

For a list of businesses and services that could benefit from ozone, please visit our Air Ozone Unit page.

If you would like more information about the system and how it could benefit you, please contact us.

We have an extensive inventory that is ready for quick delivery.