The Importance of Clean Water

Were you aware that August is National Water Quality Month? That’s right! It’s that time of the year where we should each look at the current water supply and think about whether we are doing enough to keep it clean and usable.

It sounds like it should be a year round holiday right?

It probably should, because every year we are faced with global issues that can compromise our water, and the more education we have at our disposal, the better we can ensure that our water remains clean, pure and drinkable.

The current problems plaguing our water are increasing every year. For instance, did you know that more than 14 billion pounds of garbage is dumped into the ocean every year, according to the Sea Stewards? That’s a lot of polluted water! That garbage dumping leads to unsanitary water, and in China alone, there are at least 320 million people who do not have access to potable water, reports World Politics Review.

Even the Olympics are in danger. According to reports, the waters in Rio de Janeiro, where the Olympic Games are being held, are severely polluted. As a matter of fact, Britain’s Independent reported that those ingesting even three teaspoons of the water are almost sure to get a virus.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. There are efforts all over the world to try and preserve our water supply. In China, the Water Pollution Control Law aims to reduce pollution by requiring environmental regulation and a nationwide expansion of wastewater treatment facilities.

In Senegal, efforts were made to transform a pollution-filled lead battery recycling area into a beautiful hydroponic gardening area, reports The Huffington Post. Not to be outdone, the United States’ Environmental Protection Agency completes year round education programs, and has enacted numerous programs to keep our waters intact, notes

Maintaining the quality of our water is of the utmost importance because even though water covers 71 percent of the Earth, U.S Geological Survey reminds us that only 2.5 percent of that is considered drinkable.

You can also do your part to help the situation. Do not pour fat, household chemicals or pills down the drain. Avoid using the garbage disposal as much as possible and minimize the use of pesticides. The solutions are endless and many of them are incredibly simple and easy to implement in your life.

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