Is An Ozone Water Treatment System Right For Your Home?

ozone water treatment system

Ozone Water Treatment Systems Can Be Installed Under Your Sink

Every day, you breathe in thousands of airborne pollutants that you can’t avoid. These include things like pet dander, pollen, allergens, dust mites, and more. If you can’t avoid breathing in those pollutants, what makes you think you can avoid drinking in those same pollutants? For the longest time, you couldn’t- until the invention of water filters! If you are wanting to remove pollutants and allergens, consider getting under the sink ozone treatments. These work like air filters and remove many of the same types of contaminants found in indoor air quality testing results.Under the sink ozone water treatment systems are out of the way, but help to remove contaminants in your water like flouride, metals, tannins, minerals, chemicals, and more irritants that corrode your piping and irritate your skin, taste buds, and body. For installation of an ozone water treatment system in Leander, TX, call Ozone Pure Water at 800-633-8469 today.

What Do Ozone Water Treatment Systems Remove?

  • Chemicals- Fluoride and chlorine are federally placed into city water to remove contaminants like dirt and minor bacteria and claims to help improve dental strength.
  • Minerals- Magnesium and calcium are found in water. This is what makes up limestone rocks over time, and the minerals cause soap scum to build on your pipes and tub. Many people that with the removal of these minerals, their skin feels softer and their water tastes better.
  • Bacteria and Viruses- The only water filtration system to that can remove bacteria and viruses are ozone water treatment systems! Reverse osmosis and carbon filters just remove everything else.