How Ozone Treatments can Help With Mold, Smoke, or Water Damage

Most people are familiar with ozone gas because of the presence of the ozone layer that surrounds the planet. However, did you know that there are all kinds of things that ozone gas can be used for right here on earth?

One of the things ozone gas can be used for is to eliminate mold, smoke, and water damage in the aftermath of a fire. Ozone is a very powerful gas, but it is also very unstable and it begins to decompose almost right away when you use it, which means that it’s not harmful when it’s used. This is why it is often used as part of the fire restoration process.

After a fire takes place, ozone can be used within a home to neutralize any organic odors that are left behind. Those odors often contain carbon in them, and ozone gas works great when it comes to wiping them out. Ozone has can also wipe out bacteria and fungus odors as well as odors caused by smoke, cooking, decay, and more. It’s not all that effective against odors caused by nitrates, chlorides, ammonia, and other inorganic odors, but it has still proven to be very effective against the damage that is left behind following a fire.

Of course, only those who know how to use and handle ozone gas properly should utilize it during fire restoration. Otherwise, the ozone won’t be as effective as it can be. But when you use ozone as it’s intended to be used, you can very easily get rid of much of the damage caused by mold, smoke, and water after a fire takes place. Moreover, you can do it without running the risk of ozone affecting those who have to live in the home moving forward.

In addition to helping with fire restoration, ozone also has many other uses. Ozone Pure Water uses ozone to treat water. We offer a range of water treatment options for those looking for the best possible way to filter their water, and we can talk to you more about how ozone could benefit you and your family. Call us at 800-633-8469 today to inquire about our free water testing service and to find out how ozone can help with your home’s water supply.