How Ozone Works

Purifying your water may seem like a complicated process, but at Ozone Pure Water Inc. we want our clients to know exactly what is happening inside our household ozone units. Ozone has been used to purify water since the late 19th century, but Ozone Pure’s water treatment systems are state-of-the-art ways to purify your home’s water. Ozone is a naturally occurring material that is more efficient and cheaper to use than other chemical water treatments. Ozonated water doesn’t leave behind smells, tastes, or cloudiness like in chlorine and other treatment systems.

What is Ozone?

Ozone is a gas that acts as a powerful oxidant and disinfectant. When it is injected as tiny bubbles in water, ozone precipitates materials such as iron, sulfur, and manganese, while destroying bacteria, viruses, and other harmful particles at the same time. When the water is aerated and filtered, these harmful elements are removed from your water and left behind, leaving safe, clean ozonated water for your home. Learn more about how your water can be purified with the ozone process by calling 800-633-8469 to speak with an Ozone Pure Water Inc. representative.

How do Household Ozone Units Work?

Ozone Pure Water Inc. treatment systems use injectors to push the O3 (ozone created by three Oxygen molecules) into your home’s water. The ozone then attaches to the contaminant and removes it through the filtering system, delivering clean ozonated water to your faucet. The whole house systems can be used for pipe or well systems, and work at the point of entry, cleaning your water before it enters your lines to deliver purified ozonated water to all of your faucets and spigots. Ozone Pure Water Inc.’s point-of-use systems are countertop or under-the-counter designs for convenient ozonated water right at the faucet it’s set to. For information on each of our systems, how they work, and which option will be the most beneficial to your home or office, call an Ozone Pure Water treatment expert at 800-633-8469.

The Ozone Process

The ozone process helps remove particles by clinging to them.











Ozone Pure Water Inc. systems are customizable and designed to purify the exact amount of ozonated water needed to ensure no recontamination occurs. For more information about our wide variety of household ozone units, contact Ozone Pure Water Inc. at 800-633-8469 today and set up your free water test and consultation.