Granular Filter Media

Clean water in your home or business is a necessity, and there are thousands of contaminants that can destroy the quality of your water. While some contaminants are harmless and cause only cosmetic changes that make your water cloudy or discolored or give it a foul smell, others can be seriously harmful to your health.

Many contaminants in water are indicators that harmful chemicals or bacteria are seeping into your groundwater or that your pipes have been compromised. Ozone Pure Water Inc. supplies granular activated carbon water filter treatment systems (also known as GAC filters) that use granular media to filter out and eliminate particles and chemicals in the water that are causing issues at your home or business.

What is Granular Filter Media?

Carbon Fliter

Carbon filters are extremely effective at removing foreign particles.

Granular activated carbon water filter treatment is one of the most widely used filtration forms. This filtration system works by using the carbon to trap toxins at the surface of the filter, keeping them from entering your water supply. The whole house, or point-of-entry, filtration system uses granular media to clean your water before it enters your house, and is just one of multiple systems that uses a granular media filtration system. Because your whole house treatment purifies the water before it gets to your home, every place in your home will have pure water including sinks, bathtubs, dishwashers, and washing machines. The granular media filtration system prevents toxins from getting into your family's pipes, as well as into the water they drink, bathe in, and even inhale.

Another type of granular activated carbon water filter treatment system is a unit that fits under your sink. Also called a point-of-use filter, these filters take contaminants out of the water using the same granular media filtration, but these are placed directly at the faucet. These are commonly seen at kitchen faucets as a way to provide clean, drinkable tap water, but can be added to showers, bathroom sinks and other fixtures throughout a building.

Ozone Pure Water Inc. supplies granular activated carbon water treatment systems of all types. To learn more, call Ozone Pure Water Inc. today at 800-633-8469.