Control Valves

Ozone Pure Water Inc. designs complete ozone filtration systems for residential and commercial needs, including any needed type of water softener valve, ozonator, gas release valve, ozonator backwash control and more. We design each component to optimize the filtration system for your home or business and give you the configuration, water volume and water filtration controls that you need to make the most of your filtration system.

What Do Control Valves Do?

Hard water in your home can cause many problems like harsh effects when drinking, drying your skin and hair when showering, and leaving a film on your dishes. The Ozone Pure Water softener system provides healthier, more effective water for every use in your home. To protect against hard water complications with your water supply, a water softener is imperative.


Your Ozone Pure Water consultant can direct you to the correct valve choice for your system.

Ozone Pure Water filters water using an ozonator, and we provide not only the ozonator but all auxiliary equipment you may need to make your system effective, including water softener valves and ozonator backwash controls. Water softener valves control the function of the water softener on an automatic timer and keep the system functioning normally. These valves also control the automatic regeneration system, which keeps treated water flowing through the system regularly and delivering it to faucets and fixtures throughout your home or business.

An ozonator backwash control system directs water flow through the tank and ensures that each step in the cycle performs properly. It helps keep a filtration system working at peak efficiency while ensuring a consistently high-quality supply of water for the lifetime of your ozonator.


Ozone Pure Water supplies all valves needed for your system.

At Ozone Pure Water Inc., we supply a variety of ozonator backwash control systems to suit different tank sizes and filter valves. We can also help you determine the best setup for your home or business and can create a customized system and solution that will be the perfect fit for your building.

Get the best filtration system for your water and ensure the quality of your water by calling Ozone Pure Water Inc. today at 800-633-8469.