Water Treatment Solutions

Use this helpful guide to locate your particular water problem and be directed to the right products for correct water treatment.

Your water may contain one or more of the following problems which we can eliminate using our equipment.

Water Treatment

Prevent Your Water Contamination with our Water Treatment Systems.

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Calcium Lime Hardness
Leaves white deposits, creates wrinkly laundry, dry brittle hair, white spots on dishes, build up in pipes and water heaters.

Tannic Acid
Yellow coloration, uniform yellowish stains on laundry, stains toilet, sinks, etc.

Hydrogen Sulfide/Sulfur
Rotten egg odor, black/gray specs and stains on laundry, toilets, dishwasher, sinks, foul musty taste, corrodes metal and electrical parts.

Orange/red stains on laundry, toilet, sinks, dishes and dishwasher; darkens liquor mixes, metallic taste, musty/metallic odor, encrusts pipes and water heater.

Chlorine Taste/Odor
A potentially hazardous chemical that permeates the water and air in showers, drinking water, and swimming pools.

Pesticides, Nitrates, Sulfates
Odorless, tasteless, colorless contaminates in some water supplies from agricultural use that has been linked to health problems.

Salt in Water, High TDS
Saltwater intrusion into your water supply contributes to a salty taste which can adversely affect people on salt-restricted diets and increases TDS.