Ozone Business Opportunities

Become an Ozone Pure Water Inc. dealer to experience unlimited income business opportunities.

Ozone Pure Water Inc. has exclusive dealerships available in selected territories throughout the world. For information about whether we run an operation in your community, contact us today.

Water Treatment

Our customizable whole house water treatment systems guarantee there’s one right for you.

Ozone Pure Water Inc. is a full-service water treatment supply company with knowledge and experience. Our industry leading company will train you in all phases of water treatment sales, installation, and service. You will learn how to utilize all these skills in every application and receive constant support and development as part of the Ozone Pure team.


Our Ozone dealers earn incomes of $100,000 per year, based on only two ozone system sales a week. Take advantage of this amazing business opportunity to offer quality services to your community. If you know how to run a business, have experience in basic sales or personnel management and are self-motivated, this is an ideal opportunity for you.


For information on business opportunities as an Ozone Pure Water Inc. Dealer, please fill out the below form. We will contact you personally. Alternatively, feel free to contact us directly at 800-633-8469 or via email. We look forward to helping you find a rewarding and satisfying career as a water treatment dealer.

How is this Possible?

  • The competition most likely doesn’t carry ozone equipment.
  • Ozone systems represent the highest water treatment technology in the industry, for which the customer will gladly pay a higher dollar.
  • Our ozone systems are NON-CHEMICAL with NO or LOW maintenance.
  • We have a sales/marketing program that will help you to be an ” UNDEFEATED SALES PERSON “.

Sales & Marketing Aides For Our Dealers

The benefits of selling the Ozone Pure Water Inc. Systems

A great BENEFIT of the Ozone Pure Water Inc. System …. it will GENERATE MORE INCOME than ever possible using the traditional treatment methods!

With our support and equipment, we can ensure an extremely profitable relationship.

Testing Kit

Your water test kit will show your prospective buyers exactly what’s in their water.

Which Sales Tools Will Help Me Sell?

  • DEMO UNIT. This miniaturized ozone/filtering unit will actually show your customer what your ozone system can do for them. You can show them before and after test results.
  • HOW-TO SALES MANUAL. We have compiled ” TRIED & TRUE” techniques used by in-home sales people as well as high-powered corporate negotiators.
  • BROCHURES/LITERATURE. Attractive, professional, and informative. The kind of message you want to leave with your customer.
  • TEST KITS. Our iron kit can test both ferrous and ferric. Our sulfur (H2S) kit tests up to 20 ppm accurately. Not an “Alka-Seltzer” kit!

“We installed our first Ozone Pure System back in 1992. The guys are always very helpful and courteous when we have questions. The Ozone equipment is very dependable and if my customers have problems I can usually solve their problems over the phone”.

“I have seen my profits increase drastically since having Ozone Pure equipment available”.

R. Phillips, President
Tri-Pure Water Resources, Inc.,
Spokane, WA

“As an Ozone Pure Water Inc. Dealer, it is with enthusiasm that I not only endorse the products that I handle as the best water treatment equipment I have found but the support and customer service that we at Custom Water Treatment received is without exception of the very highest standard”.

“The assistance we receive in solving problems and the constant efforts by Ozone Pure Water Inc.to improve their products is evidence that they not only have the dealers at heart but all prospective customers as well”.

J. Barfield, Owner
Custom Water Treatment
Folkston, GA

“Just a quick note to say THANKS!!”

“We are now entering our 4th year with Ozone Pure Water as our sole ozone provider”.

“With numerous units installed over the years, we are pleased to say this is truly a maintenance free system (a nice change from the old chlorine systems!!)”

“The design of the Ozone Pure Water System allows for very professional, neat installation – in less time and labor”.

“Product performance and customer satisfaction have been unmatched. Same day shipping of your units has been a great benefit to our company”.

“Thanks for your support and your excellent product. Keep up the good work”

B. Bruner
RA Bruner Water Corp.
Mequon, WI