Free Water Testing

Clean, safe water is required for almost everything we do, from showering to waste removal to clothes washing and, most importantly, drinking. Low-quality water can be hazardous to your health in many ways and affect everything that you and your family do.

Free Water Test

Find out exactly whats in your water with a free water test.

Ozone Pure Water Inc. provides free water testing and water purification tests to reliably test the water quality of your home and determine the presence of potentially harmful contaminants. By simply sending us a sample of your home water, we can test for metals, chemicals and other particles in your water that may make it unsafe or unsuitable for drinking, washing or other household necessities.

Why Choose Ozone Pure Water Inc?

You can have your water tested at no cost to you by sending us a 16 oz. sample. Our water test includes detection of contaminants like tannic acid, iron, iron bacteria, colloidal particles, and even pH levels. Along with these tests, we can also perform sulfur tests, which can only be performed on-site.

Contact us today at 800-633-8469 to learn more about free water testing and water purification tests, and to send us a sample.

Ozone Pure Water Inc. has the ability to test your water for system compatibility as well as contaminate analysis. You can be sure that the equipment designed for your application will work as promised through consideration of the following possible contaminants:Water Test

  • Iron/Iron
  • Bacteria
  • pH
  • Tannic Acids
  • Hardness
  • Colloidal particles (cloudy water)
  • Sulfur (must be tested on site)

How Do I Get My Water Tested?

1. Send us a 16 oz. raw (prior to existing treatment) water sample. Let the water run for 5-10 minutes. Over-fill the bottle then cap it with no air space.
2. Complete the information form below and send it with your sample or via email.
*** The test is FREE.

Upon completion of the Compatibility Test, there will be no doubt as to the success of your job.


Tools needed: (a) Accurate psi gauge. (b) 5 gal bucket. (c) Watch.

1) Make sure water system is at full pressure (psi).

2) Make sure no water is being used during the test.

3) Turn off well pump.

4) Drain water into a bucket until there is no more pressure.

· How many gallons did you drain?

5) Close drain valve.

6) Turn on pump and time in seconds until the pump turns off.

· How many seconds did the pump run?

* Repeat 2 or 3 times for consistency.

The formula to figure GPM recovery rate:

(Gallons / Seconds) x 60 = GPM


If you need assistance, please fill out the form below or contact us directly at 800-633-8469.