Cartridge Filters

Well water filters are an essential component to providing clean and sanitary water for anyone who relies on a well as their source of water. Ozone Pure Water Inc. supplies well water filters and sediment cartridge filter systems to remove contaminants and colloidal particles from your water.

Each of our systems includes Ozone Pure Water systems are fully customizable for either large and small consumption requirements, and can be used alone or with another system. From our compact point-of-use systems that filter a specific faucet, to a point-of-entry treatment that purifies before the water enters your home, Ozone Pure Water has a system to meet your needs.

How Do Cartridge Filters Work?



Your Ozone Pure Water consultant can help you pick the cartridge filter that’s right for you.

Wells draw water straight from the water table in the ground and, while natural filtering through the earth removes many contaminants, there are still many bacteria, sediment and colloidal particles that reach the well and can even go into the faucet. These often can be seen as a discoloration of the water, such as brown or yellow water or particles that make the water cloudy. Though these particles are small, many are still large enough to see, making them much bigger than bacteria or viruses, which can also get into your water.


Ozone Pure Water Inc. provides well water filters using ozone filtration to first eliminate bacteria, microbes, and metals through oxidation, ridding water of these microscopic threats to the safety of your water. We also supply sediment cartridge filter systems to remove the resulting oxides and colloidal particles.

Learn more about our residential well water filters, sediment cartridge filter systems and learn more about the ozone oxidation process online. If you notice discoloration in your water, a foul odor, cloudy water, a bad taste or another issue with your water, you may have metals, bacteria, tannic acid or other pollutants leeching through the ground water and impacting your well.

Contact Ozone Pure Water Inc. today by calling 800-633-8469 to request a free water assessment and let us determine the quality of your water and recommend an ozone purification system to improve the quality of your well water today.