Flow Switches

Your water treatment system is vital to the way you live and runs in almost every room of your home. However, you don’t use the same amount of water in every room. To prevent unneeded filtration in your home, Ozone Pure water has developed an innovative flow switch water filtration system that activates only when flowing water is detected. This system will provide water treatment only when needed which will prevent using energy you don’t need to purify water you’re not using. Call 800-633-8469 today to discuss which flow switch filtration system will be most beneficial for your needs.

Benefits of a Flow Switch

Water Flow Switch

A flow switch can be installed easily into your existing system.

Ozone Pure Water Inc.’s Ozone flow switch systems take the guesswork out of ozone filtration systems and deliver the right amount of ozone treatment as water moves through the system. Unlike traditional point-of-entry or point-of-use systems, these ozone flow switch systems are pre-wired to activate ozone or other filtration equipment only when a water flow is detected. This provides on-demand filtration when and where you need it, with no wasted water or energy. Ozone Pure Water Inc.’s flow switch systems can be used with any faucet or spigot, indoors and outdoors, to ensure you get the treatment you need at any location.

The ozone flow switch is also designed to isolate a single line, giving you the best filtration exactly where you need it. This can be for infrequently used areas of your home or business, such as outdoor faucets or garage connections where your need for purified water may be more limited or where you may have an independent water connection not treated by a point-of-entry system installed at your home.

Filter your water effectively, completely, and safely when and where you need it with Ozone Pure Water Inc.’s F.L.O. flow switches. Contact us today by calling 800-633-8469 us to learn more or to receive an estimate from one of our experts.