Air Dryers

Ozone treatment systems rely on ozone to purify and treat your air and water. To keep your treatment system running at its best, we provide our air dryer ozonator to keep producing ozone for use in your filtration systems. To find out more about an air dryer ozonator system from Ozone Pure Water or how it can jumpstart your water treatment system work at its optimal level, call our professionals at 800-633-8469.

Air Dryer

Air dryers remove multiple harmful organisms from your air.

Ozone Pure Water Inc. supplies our air dryer ozonators to allow you to take ambient air within your home or business and create ozone using an electrical charge. This ozone can then, in turn, be used to remove contaminants from the air and water in your home or business. Ozone bonds with odor-causing elements in the air, including smells from animals, mold, mildew, body odors, cigarette smoke and more. These odors often linger in the air and can be almost impossible to get rid of, but by filtering and treating your air with an ozone filtration system, you can remove these odors along with bacteria, viruses and other health hazards from within your indoor air.


Air Dryer System

An Ozone Pure Water consultant can help you learn which system is best for you.

The Benefits of an Air Dryer

Ozone is also used in water purification, and attached to minerals, bacteria, viruses, carbon-based contaminants and much more, eliminating it from the water and delivering clean, reliable water. By having an air dryer ozonator, you can have a consistent and steady source of ozone, ensuring that your filtration systems continue working at their best for years to come to deliver you clean water and air throughout your home or business.


Ozone Pure Water Inc. can provide you with an air dryer ozonator to accommodate your space and equipment, whether you need ozone filtration for your home, office, motel, industrial building or any other space. We will explain the effectiveness, benefits, and costs that come with an air dryer system, along with advice for best use. Contact us today by calling 800-633-8469 and learn more about ozone air treatment systems.