Water Softeners

Water Softener System

Don’t let hard water get you down. Our water softeners will help eliminate hard water problems.

Many water supplies contain hardness minerals (calcium and magnesium). These minerals form a scale and create problems in water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, coffee makers, humidifiers and plumbing systems. The modern and efficient water conditioning system described here eliminates hard water problems. It removes calcium and magnesium from your water supply by filtering it through a resin softening medium. Salt is used to revitalize the system periodically to provide soft water for your daily needs. The control for this system is designed and engineered to give you reliable operation and conserve the water and salt required in the regeneration process. Take a look at all of the advantages shown here and you’ll find that conditioned water makes a refreshing difference in your life and will save you money now and in the years ahead.

Residential Benefits

Hard Water

Calcium and other hard water elements can build up. Our water softener system can help!

Soap Saver
Hard water impairs the cleansing strength of detergents. Conditioned water not only delivers greater washing power, it reduces soap requirements (up to 70%). Protects your washing machine at the same time.

Clothes brightener
Clothes last longer; come out fresher, cleaner and softer when washed in conditioned water. Colors stay brighter, too.

Money stretcher
The cost of your cleaning supplies will drop dramatically with conditioned water because you’ll use less soap…fewer harsh chemicals and detergents…to get the job done.

Construction Benefits

Modular construction and quality components deliver reliable system performance.

Heavy-Duty Powerhead

The heart of the system features a single heavy-duty motor. It is used in timing regeneration cycles and costs very little to operate. Uses only about 10 cents per month in electricity.

Injector/Drain Module

This component controls line flows and brine injection. It is easily accessible for cleaning.

One-Piece Valve Body

This space-age plastic valve provides exceptional service life, strength, and durability.

Meter Module (optional)

The meter module is a simple mechanical device that monitors and registers water usage, initiates regeneration.

Bypass Valve (optional)

This valve enables you to by-pass the conditioning system if desired.

Control Valve

Resin Tank: The resin tank contains the filtering media of the system that removes impurities and conditions your water supply.

Brine Tank: The brine tank is the salt reservoir that is used in refreshing the system’s resin bed.

Quality Water Conditioning Control

…your key to efficiency, reliability, and savings

The 5600 Econominder

Saves up to 50% in salt and uses considerably less water by automatically regenerating only when regeneration is needed. Unnecessary regenerations are eliminated by a simple, mechanical meter that monitors the water you use.

The Model 5600

A highly accurate and reliable clock type control that provides regeneration on a pre-programmed basis. Once the timing cycle is set, it delivers economical, fully-automatic operation. Smooth operation and easy maintenance are other features.