Water Treatment Systems

At Ozone Pure Water Inc., we believe that every home and office should have pure, clean water. Our whole house ozone water treatment systems work to remove iron, sulfur, bacteria, viruses, and multiple other organisms to purify your water. If you would like to know more about our ozone water treatment systems or would like to schedule an installation, call us today at 800-633-8469.

How Does the Ozone Pure water Inc. System Work?

Your ozone water treatment system injects ozone into your water, either at the source or at a specific faucet, to oxidize contaminants and particles. The contaminants are then stopped by the filtering system and you are left with a clean, clear, disinfected water supply.

What Particles Does Ozone Treatment Remove?

Bacteria Removal

Ozone Pure Water Inc. Treatment systems safely remove bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants.

Your ozone water treatment removes particles like chlorine, viruses, iron, and tannins, among other contaminants. The ozone process also allows for smaller particles to be filtered out by oxidation.

Iron/Iron Bacteria:

Soluble ferrous iron, which is not filterable, is oxidized (the process of adding oxygen) to insoluble ferric iron thus making it easily filtered. Bacterial iron can be killed through oxidation and by denying its food source (Ferris iron).

Sulfur/Sulfur Bacteria:

Odorous hydrogen sulfide, which is not filterable, is quickly converted to elemental sulfur, which can be easily filtered. A portion of the sulfur is de-volatilized and off gassed in step #2. Again, the bacterial form is killed and filtered.


Manganese is oxidized and filtered in the same manner as iron.


Ozone oxidizes the organic material in bacterial membranes, which weakens the cell wall and leads to cellular rupture. This exposes the organism to the external environment, which causes an almost immediate death of the cell. It’s similar to a knife deeply cutting the skin. (Bacteria systems are sized differently than iron, sulfur and manganese systems)

How Does Ozone Whole House Treatment Differ From Other Systems?


Oxidization effectively removes most water contaminants.

Whole house iron treatments from Ozone Pure Water Inc. are a great way to get the best out of your water. Water quality treatments from Ozone Pure eliminate the guesswork that comes with other systems. Whole house iron removal from Ozone Pure Water will treat every drop of water that comes into your home 600 times faster than any other oxidizer, replacing conventional chemical and maintenance intensive treatments to give you the best quality water available.

Through the power of ozone, we oxidize your water to help remove iron and other harmful materials long before it gets to your tap. For more than 34 years, Ozone Pure Water systems have helped eliminate the maintenance and service headaches found with many chemical water treatment systems. Our residential and commercial water treatment systems are guaranteed to last, and with same-day shipping from our large inventory, we’re sure to have a whole house water treatment perfect for your home. With a complete Ozone Pure Water system and our knowledgeable staff, your water problems are gone for good!

Will This System Work With My High Water Flow Rate?

We offer a variety of systems available for higher flow rates and parts per million removals to make sure you get just what you need in an iron, sulfur, and manganese removal system. Contact us at 800-633-8469 or by email for a quote on whole- house water treatment systems for your home today.