Air Dryers

Control Valves

Flow Switches

Ozone Flow SwitchesF.L.O. Flow Switch Assembly Ozone Pure Water has designed a pre-wired method of activating ozone, air or chemical injection equipment when water flow is detected. The F.L.O. assembly is designed to isolate the line to be treated. SPECIFICATIONS: 120 VAC, 10 Amp Max, Multiple Connections, 1″ or 2″ NPT

Gas Release Valves

Ozone Gas Release Valve


Electric, self-cleaning, non-clogging vent that positively releases gas and liquid under pressure. The POSIVENT eliminates the constant hassles of “float type” vents due to its self-cleaning properties.

Flush Tank Accumulator

Principle of Operation: Retention tanks typically accumulate an extreme amount of sludge, debris, iron, sulfur, and other material. This debris can make its way into the service line, or foul and clog filtration. The purpose of the Blow Down Assembly is to flush the bottom of a retention tank. Flushing will eliminate or reduce the excess load exerted on the equipment down line. SPECIFICATIONS: 120 VAC, 0.75 Amp, 0.2 GPM, 0.6 GPM (POSI), 1/8″ NPT

Gas Injectors


Ozone Pump Injection

The Ozone Pump injects ozone or other gases by positive displacement. Easy installation. Does not change PSI, GPM or back pressure. High mass transfer and concentration of micro-bubbles. Ozone Pump’s allow ozone to be injected in any line at any location without any restrictions. SPECIFICATIONS: OP: 120 or 240 VAC, 3.5 Amp, 0.5 CFM @ 50 PSI, 5 X 5 X 7, 10 lbs. SPECIFICATIONS: OPH: 120 VAC, 3.5 Amp, 1.0 CFM @ 50 PSI, 5 X 5 X 7, 12 lbs.


Venturi Injection

Venturi’s are very efficient for inducing a vacuum from the existing water line flow & pressure. However they do cause a reduction in flow & pressure. While there are no moving parts to be replaced, Venturi’s must be sized exactly to the existing flow & pressure. MODELS: From 3 GPM to 100 GPM. Must have existing GPM & PSI FOR PROPER SIZING.