Why Does My Water Stink?

Smelly Water

If You Have Smelly Water, There Exist a Variety of Causes and Solutions.

No one should have to live with smelly water. If the stink of rotten eggs or some other unpleasant smell emanates from the water you use to drink, clean, and bathe, then you need to find a solution. While the contaminants are typically harmless, smelly water is a problem in and of itself. If you have smelly water in Leander, TX, you can count on Ozone Pure Water for help.

The Causes of Smelly Water

Before you can pursue treatment for your stinky water, you must know the nature of the cause. Some types of smells can be eradicated through whole house water treatment, while others might necessitate a call to the local water department. If you depend on well water instead of municipal water, your problems and solutions will also likely differ.

  • Medicinal Odor: A medicinal odor like bleach or chlorine comes from chemicals added for water treatment.
  • Rotten Eggs: If you have a well, your water must contain a high level of iron and sulfur. If you’re on city water, then you likely have a bacteria issue.
  • Musty Odor: Decaying matter in your drains or insufficient chlorine are the likely causes. Well water with this smell has likely become contaminated from surface drainage.

Of these three, the most common — and most disgusting — issue is the rotten egg smell. The presence of the minerals that cause this smell, iron and sulfur, needs addressing. People on city water will usually need to contact municipal authorities to have the problem addressed. If you depend on a well, a whole house treatment system will rid your water of iron and sulfur, improve its smell and taste, and lengthen the life of appliances like your water heater. If an excessive amount of minerals have already hardened in your water heater, you may need to replace your device. For exceptional value, you can always depend on service from Lochnivar water heaters.

At Ozone Pure Water, we offer a range of solutions for bad-tasting or smell water in Leander, TX. To learn more or schedule service, give us a call today at 800-633-8469.

The Many Benefits of Ozonation

Purifying Water with Ozone


An Ozonator Can Provide Your Home with the Cleanest Water Possible.

While many people sing the praises of ozone-treated water, others have never heard of the process, much less the ozonator water purification systems that do the work. In fact, individuals commonly are not even sure they know what ozone means. Put simply, ozone represents an unstable form of oxygen. The oxygen you breathe is O2 and consists of two molecules of oxygen bound together. Ozone is O3, which means it consists of three oxygen molecules.

Ozonation is the procedure by which ozone becomes added to water. The addition of ozone to drinking water kills bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms, and breaks down other organic pollutants. When added to water, ozone exists as a gas and is created through the exposure of oxygen molecules to UV radiation. At Ozone Pure Water, we are your local source for a water purification ozonator in Leander, TX. If you are curious about this process or want an ozonator in your home, give us a call at 800-633-8469.

What Is the Process of Ozonation


Ozone Destroys Bacteria on a Molecular Level.

When applied to water for the purposes of drinking, ozonation mimics the sun’s natural creation of ozone in our upper atmosphere. Ultraviolet lamps inside of the ozonator expose compressed air to UV radiation. The oxygen in the air reacts to the UV radiation, and some of it converts into ozone. This ozone then gets passed into a diffuser, which contains bubbles that become saturated with the gas.

These bubbles are then introduced into the water. The ozone breaks down, which leads the oxygen molecules to bind with any organic particles in the water. Oxidation, a natural process where oxygen reacts to organic particles, then takes place and represents the manner by which the particles are neutralized. Many types of bottled water use ozonation to purify their products, and the process accounts for around 90 percent of all purified water.

How Does Ozone Kill Bacteria?

Ozone interacts directly with bacteria and kills these organisms on a molecular level. When ozone is injected into water, it attempts to bind with the bacteria. When ozone encounters a bacterium, it actually punctures the cell walls. This process gets repeated until the bacterium becomes so damaged, that it falls apart. Thus neutralized, the bacteria no longer represent a health threat. This process gets repeated until no microorganisms remain.

Ozone Treatment Installation Services

At Ozone Pure Water, we are your team for the service or installation of an ozonator in Leander, TX. We offer a pair of different ozone water purification systems for the benefit of our clients. Our miniozonator takes care of essential needs, while our full-sized ozonator can service an entire home or business. Ozonator devices can install under your home’s sink, on spas, water heaters, and wells, and on any commercial device that utilizes or dispenses water. To learn more or schedule service, simply give us a call today at 800-633-8469.

What Hard Water Can Do To Your Home

Hard Water

Hard Water Can Harm Fixtures, Appliances And Your Health.

For a new homeowner, finding out the quality of your tap water may not sound like a very relevant thing to do at first. However, once you move in, you may find that you have growing issues with your plumbing and appliances. One of these issues can be caused by hard water. Hard water is your tap water, however, it contains extra minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium and more. While this may not sound awful initially, hard water can be excessively damaging to your home and your self. Because your water is used for everything from cleaning to drinking, you may want to consider getting water filtration or purification, especially if you are dealing with the negative effects of hard water in your home.

The Negative Effects Of Hard Water

  • Clothes Wear More Quickly: Hard water is laden with minerals that inhibit detergent and soap from cleaning properly, usually appearing as soap scum. These minerals can wear your clothes down, leaving them appearing dingy and unclean.
  • Pipes Can Become Clog: As hard water travels through the pipes, scale build-up can occur, creating clogs that prevent water and sewage from traveling to and from your home.
  • Showering Can Be Affected: Much like with clothing, the minerals in your hard water can prevent your soap from cleaning properly. However, it can also lead to discoloration in your hair and even cause skin irritation for you and your loved ones.
  • Damage Can Occur In Appliances: The same build up that clogs your pipes can also damage and break your appliances, such as your dishwasher and garbage disposal. This can manifest as clogs and higher utility bills due to decreased efficiency of your systems.

Call Ozone Pure Water when you are in need of water purification and filtration systems for your home. Our services can help keep your plumbing at its best and give your home the water it needs. Simply dial 800-633-8469!

How to Deal With Contaminated Well Water

Contaminant Free Water

Your Water Should Be Clear And Contaminant Free Every Time.

Have you noticed a funny smell or taste in your drinking water? Is it discolored? After a wash, are your clothes and cutlery suddenly showing orange residue? Your well water plays a huge role in your home’s daily chores and functionality. That’s why when these sorts of issues occur in the home, it can cause a big problem. All of the aforementioned issues can be a sign that you have contaminants in your well water. These contaminants are sulfur and iron. It is important to get these taken care of quickly as they can cause health issues and hinder your home’s daily routine. They can be removed easily with a water treatment system, preventing them from causing a lot of damage to your home and plumbing.

What These Contaminants Do

Sulfur and iron have different issues that they cause, but they share staining, especially on clothing, and changing the taste and smell of your water. Sulfur, as it travels through your plumbing, creates a slime that will coat through your pipes and make it hospitable to iron. Over time, this slime wears on your pipes, corroding them and clogging them, leading to expensive repairs. Iron, on the other hand, goes the extra step, It can harm your goods and yourself. While we all need a little iron, too much iron can lead to overload and cause health complications. It can also damage your skin, wearing health cells down and leaving lasting damage.

To ensure your home gets the quality water it needs, choose a water treatment system to be installed in your home. Ozone Pure Water installs quality treatment and purification systems for your home. Call us today at 800-633-8469 for your water treatment need in Leander, TX.

8 Ways To Conserve Water

Are you noticing lately that your water bills are sky high? Are you wanting to help the planet or in a drought- stricken area? There are tons of ways to cut back on your water usage.

Tips to Conserve Water At Home

Turn off the sink faucet while brushing your teeth

 Turn off the tap after you wet your brush brush and only turn it back on when it’s time to rinse.

Cut your showers short

Conserve Water To Save Money And Help The Environment

Yeah the hot water feels good, but you’re wasting five gallons of water every minute you have your 30 minute shower. Speed things up or take baths if you want to relax.

Water the lawn and outdoor plants in the morning

 You’ll need less water since the morning temperatures are cooler and less water will evaporate.

Only run the dishwasher and machine machines when they are full

Half loads waste gallons of water.

If you have a pool, use a pool cover

 This will prevent water loss from evaporation, while also reducing chemical use and keeping it clean.

Don’t over water indoor plants

Not only does that kill them, but it wastes water. Look for signs of over watering if leaves are light green or yellow. You can monitor plant watering by placing ice cubes on top of their soil so they get controlled amounts of water as it melts.

Wash your dog on the part of the lawn that needs watering

Your dirty canine gets cleaned and your grass gets fed, a win-win situation.

Check for leaks

This hidden problem could be the monster that has been skyrocketing your water bill. Leaks are often from broken pipes which need to be professionally repaired.


Call Ozone Pure Water at 800-633-8469 if you want to upgrade your plumbing to conserve water in Leander, TX.

Allergy Relief Through Water Purification

About 10 percent of the country’s population suffers from moderate to severe allergies at some point during the year. Most allergy sufferers have tried the over-the-counter options, the homeopathic choices, and even some medical techniques like allergy shots. However, new studies show that purified water could help relieve allergies once and for all.

How Allergies Work

When your body takes in different particles, whether it’s food, drink, or air, it takes in all the secondary particles that may be attached. For instance, we don’t need to inhale dust to survive; unfortunately, it’s only a side-effect of breathing in what we do need. As foreign particles like dust, dander, and chemicals build up in our body, our brain transmits signals to the immune system to fight off the intruder, which causes what we know as an allergic reaction. While some have found that methods like allergy shots help to build up certain immunities to stop the overaction of the immune system. Still, for some, the endeavor is fruitless.

Drinking Your Way to Being Allergy-Free

Recently, studies by the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology have shown that the introduction of pesticides and other foreign contaminants could be the cause of problems resulting in asthma and allergies. Ozonated water completely purifies your drinking water without the use of chemicals so there are never any bi-products left behind. This decontamination system eliminates chlorine and fluoride, thought to contribute to asthma, along with allergens, metals, and other particles picked up in your pipe system. The absence of these chemicals and toxins in your water allow your immune system to rest, causing a relaxation of allergy symptoms.

Purified water has many more benefits than just a better, cleaner taste. In fact, ozonated water can help improve your health, energy levels, and brain function. To learn more about the hidden benefits of ozonated water, call the Ozone Pure Water treatment specialists at 800-633-8469.

Free Water Testing Services

Clean Water Testing

How Clean is Your Home’s Water?

If you have a home, and you use tap water frequently without a filtration system, read this! today we are going to go over our free water testing services. Tap water isn’t always one hundred percent safe, and adding a water filtration system can make all of the difference. If you aren’t completely sure that your tap water is safe, call us today to request your free home water testing!

The Point Of A Water Test

Tap water can often carry hidden contaminants such as metals, heavy minerals, bacteria, and trace amount of chemicals. Over time, with continuous exposure, these contaminants can cause everything from minor skin problems to hair loss and hormone disruption in you and your pets too! Low quality water can be very dangerous to the whole family. The point of our water test is to alert you to any contaminants that may be affecting your family.

How Does It Work?

Simply send us a 16 oz sample of your water in a clean container. If you have access to a sterile container, that will provide the best results, but even a well washed and dried container will do just fine! When we receive your water sample, we will test it for all chemicals and metals to let you know how safe, or unsafe, your drinking water is. Call us today at 800-633-8469 to get started!


Benefits of Using a Whole House Water Filtration System


Filtration System

Never Be Afraid to Drink out of Your Sink Again with Filtered Water.



We use water every single day, from taking a shower, doing the dishes, or getting a drink from the faucet, we trust that that water is clean enough to be doing all these things with. But what if you didn’t have to just trust that the water was good enough, what if you already knew? With a whole house water filtration system, you will always know.

3 Benefits of Using a Filtration System

Health- You never know what is in your water from the city. They can tell you its high in this or that, but how do you truly know. Don’t take the chance on the water you put into your body. By having this system you will know that every bit of water you or your family uses will be free of chemicals or toxins. This will be better for your overall health and the health of your skin and hair as well.

Chemicals- Chemicals are eliminated the second they enter your homes plumbing system, making it so that they are longer filtered into the air. They also will no longer able to stay on your clothing. With filtered water, the chemicals disappear and you can live a healthier lifestyle.

Water bottles- How much do you spend on water bottles every month trying to drink clean water? Or has a friend ever came over and you didn’t have any water bottles to give, but they don’t drink tap water? This will never happen again because the water from your sink will be just as good as the water from the bottle at the store. No need to spend your hard earned money on clean water again because it will be filtering all throughout your home.

With so many added benefits, it’s hard to see why everyone wouldn’t want to have a filtration system in their home. If you decide that this is for you, just give Ozone Pure Water a call at 800-633-8469 and we would be happy to get one installed for you.

2 Reasons Why a Pool Ozonator is Better Than Chlorine

Home Pool with a Pool Ozonator

Installing an Ozonator on Your Pool Provides Extra Clean Water With No Harsh Side-Effects.

When most people think of cleaning the water in their home swimming pools, they think that chlorine is the best option. Chlorine has been used in water sanitation for years, and for many years it was the number one choice. Recent developments in technology have allowed for a wider range of water sanitation options for home swimming pools. Ozone Pure Water offers services to install, maintain a pool ozonator in your home’s backyard pool.

Why Choose a Pool Ozonator?

There are many benefits to installing a pool ozonator in your backyard pool. They are very easy to install and very cost effective over the course of several years. Here are two specific reasons you might consider getting an ozone filtrations system for your pool.

Better Performance
Pool ozonators are able to purify the water of both living and inorganic contaminants. This includes mold, mildew, bacteria, yeast and fungi. It also cleans the water of all body oils and human contaminants.

Less Harsh
Chlorine is a very harsh and corrosive chemical. It burns your eyes, nose and mouth and over time it eats away at the lining of the pool. Pool ozonators don’t add any chemicals to the water, which reduces the damage to the pool lining and doesn’t harm your family as they play in the pool.

Ozone Pure Water is here to answer all your questions about pool ozonators. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits you could experience from one of these filtration systems, contact our office at 800-633-8469. Let us help your family get the most out of your backyard pool.

The Health Benefits of an Ozonator

What is Ozone?

Air Ozonator

Ozanators Sanitize Various Air & Water Sources

Ozone is a form of oxygen, often used as a disinfectant, that can be artificially processed through high voltage electricity. Ozone can be used to filter air, water, food, and be added to industrial appliances. When used properly, in the right concentration, ozone will not produce any toxic residue.

What is an Ozonator?

An ozonator is a device, that comes in different varieties (large volume & small volume) that produces small amounts of ozone to clean things like water, air, and food. It is generally considered a sanitizer, as its primary objective is to remove harmful chemicals from substances that might inhabit them.

How Does Ozone Help My Health?

Using an ozonator can provide numerous health benefits to people and facilities across the world. They are used in a wide variety of settings from industrial, to residential. Some of the main health benefits of an ozonator are:

  • Air Purification: Clears air in rooms (specifically those that had been used to smoke cigarettes)
  • Anti-Bacterial for Food: Can kill harmful bacteria in food
  • Laundry Disinfectant: Destroys germs on laundry (particularly useful in hospitals or assisted living facilities)
  • Pool Water Disinfectant: Kills bacteria in swimming pools, spas and hot tubs (Chlorine Alternative)
  • Water Purification: Kills bacteria in tap water and other water sources

The #1 Ozonator Supplier

If you are in the market for a ozonator, whether large volume, or small volume, give Ozone Pure Water a call at 1.800.633.8469. We are happy to discuss your individual needs, and answer any further questions you have about ozone or ozonators. Don’t wait another minute. Call now.