Advantages to Drinking Purified Water

drinking waterPure water is really good for you and when consumed in enough quantity can do wonders for your health. The quality and main components to the water you take in, however, is not always pure. This is especially true of tap water. It could be full of metals and bacteria which could actually negate healthy food intake. But what is it in non-purified water which is toxic to your system?

1) Chlorine is used to disinfect your drinking water, contributing to a bitter taste and a chemical whiff. True this is in fact a means of disinfecting water, it also makes for undesirable taste. Purifying water coming into your home with a decent carbon filter will reduce this chlorine by 99%.

2) In addition to the additives to your drinking water at the water treatment facility, which both physically and chemically disinfect the water, it typically travels potentially miles of dirty pipes before escaping your faucets. These pipes could be rusty and old, which don’t even include the completely unregulated building plumbing- typically as old as the building itself.

3) Essential minerals are something actually missing from treated water. Stripped from water during processing, Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium are all present in its natural state. Essential minerals your body needs, when these are removed you miss out on a potential source of nutrition for your body. This is only in addition to the harmful compounds and elements- not to mention the bad taste- added to water during treatment processing.