Natural Ozone: How Ozone Forms Naturally In the Atmosphere

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 15 or 20 years, you probably have an idea of just how important the ozone layer is to our planet. Ozone protects the Earth and, more importantly, the people, animals and all other living organisms from exposure to lethal UV radiation bombards the planet from the sun. If not for the ozone layer, UV radiation would kill off most living creatures outside of the world’s oceans and make it impossible for anyone to survive living on the surface. It’s why it’s so important for humans to be mindful of the pollution that is having a negative impact on the ozone layer.

Ozone FormationOzone is naturally formed in the atmosphere in two ways, as NOAA reports. First, stratospheric ozone – ozone that forms high up – reacts with UV rays and oxygen to create the ozone molecule (O3, as opposed to oxygen’s O2). Lower in the atmosphere, chemical reactions between hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxide (and other gases) combine in sunlight to create what is known as tropospheric ozone.

While most of the talk surrounding the ozone layer involves the disappearance of it, there are several places on Earth where ozone forms naturally in the atmosphere very prominently. The highest ozone concentrations on the planet are usually found above places like Canada and Siberia, says The Ozone Hole. The ozone layer is especially thick in these areas, though it actually fluctuates based on the season. The ozone layer is typically about 25 percent thicker in the summer than it is in the winter over Canada and Siberia.

Conversely, there are also places where the ozone layer in very thin. For example, ozone layers are known to be thin around the equator, but regardless of where you are on the Earth, there is always some concentration of ozone present; it just fluctuates from place to place. Regardless, there is always some ozone naturally in the atmosphere above Earth due to the oxygen particles that exist there.

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