Purified Water Isn’t Just for Drinking

waterMaking the switch to purified water can be one of the best choices you make this year. Free of contaminants and bacteria, purified water is the healthiest and safest form of the liquid for drinking and cooking. However, we often forget that we don’t just drink water or add it to our food. Water is also used to fill pools and spas. Since we don’t ingest this water we often don’t think much about it being dangerous but it can be. Using public water for pools, hot tubs and spas can expose you and your guests to things like excessive iron, mercury or bacteria.

Purified water in a pool or spa can improve the clarity allowing you to see right through the water like never before. No one wants to swim in murky, cloudy water, which is often the way public water looks. Water that has gone through a purification system will be much more clear. In fact, there will be a noticeable difference between the original water you put in your pool, and how the water looks after it has been purified. For homeowners, it can even be embarrassing to have guest over and invite them into a pool or hot tub with foggy water.

In addition to clarity, pure water also feels better for swimmers and those enjoying the hot tub. Minerals and metals in the public water supply can make water harsh. This type of water can dry out the skin leaving it itchy and tough. For homeowners that spend a significant amount of time in the pool or spa, this can be detrimental to their skin. Purified water is free of those damaging metals and minerals. This pure form of water nourishes the skin and hydrates it instead of drying it out. In just days, you will be able to tell the difference between your skin from public water and your skin from purified water.

When you choose to put purified water in your pool, hot tub or spa you also make the choice to use less chlorine. This chemical, which is used to keep pools and spas free of dirt and bacteria, is very strong. It has a distinct odor that clings to hair and skin while also stripping these body parts of natural oils and moisture. Less chlorine in your pool or spa means no more odor, discoloration or irritated eyes, hair and skin. It also means spending less money at the pool store on chlorine and more money on fun things like floats or outdoor speakers.

The benefits of purified water go way beyond drinking it. When we spend our leisure time in the water whether it’s in an in-ground pool or above ground hot tub, purified water becomes a necessity. Don’t subject your body to the harsh chemicals and additives in the public water supply. Using purified water for you pool, hot tub or spa gives you complete control over the water, as you know it’s free of minerals, metals and potential harmful bacteria. In the long run it can be healthier for your pool, family and all of your guests.