M. Cwetna Half Moon Bay, CA

It has been several months (1999) now since I completed our installation of our SP10 Ozone Pure Water System. Our quality of life has never been better. With the help of Roger Nathanson and company, I was able to install the system myself.

I discovered Ozone Pure Water over the internet. My wife and I had been suffering from foul tasting water for nearly 4 years and I was determined to find a solution to our nagging water quality problems……We have very high levels of FE in our water and varying levels of hydrogen sulfide…..I contacted well over a dozen water treatment companies that I found on the internet and they all claimed they could help us. After a great deal of self-education on water treatment principles, I felt confident about my ability to solve our water quality problem. I just needed to to make contact with an intelligent life source in the water treatment world. I made contact with Roger via email. I could tell that Roger really took the time to read what I had sent and was serious about analyzing our situation. After several phone calls and sending a sample water in I was convinced that Ozone Pure Water was the way to go.

When the equipment arrived I was so excited about the prospect of finally having clean water. I had to make many phone calls to Ozone Pure Water and they helped me every step of the way. I always felt like they were there for me with the level of conviction to get the job done. Once I got everything setup and I turned the system on our water instantly went from dull brown color we had grown to live with to a clear glass view. I just could not believe my eyes!!! The familiar Smell of iron in the water was gone as well.

My Wife and I now enjoy clean tasting water every day. We have been able to stop our bottled water deliveries and use our tap water again for drinking. Each time I look in the toilet bowl I see clean water instead of a brown hazy substance.