M. Stiles, South Hero, VT

I have been using one of your systems to treat water from a well for my whole house system. In my previous home, I was using a chlorine injection system with an eighty-gallon retention tank, charcoal filter, and water softener. I was treating for sulfur 12ppm, manganese, and iron. The system was using one-gallon bleach 5% chlorine every two days with four people living at the residence. During the seven-year period, we used this system we replaced the injection pump three times. Every three months I had to clean deposits at the bleach injection port and the pump check balls. Deposits also fouled the head for the charcoal filter and water softener. Tubing needed to be replaced every six months. Between pouring gallons of bleach and testing for residual chlorine two times a week along with the previously mentioned maintenance I began doing research for a better treatment system.

I contacted many of the local water treatment businesses. Nothing sounded like a solution I was looking for mostly hype and big money. I spent hours on the net until finding your company. I researched the use of ozone for treating well water and made the plunge. I called you and asked several questions. I then purchased a system. You provided excellent technical support on installation. I am ecstatic with this system. It’s saving me time and I now have a system I can trust.