Treating Water to Treat Your Health

faucetWith increased awareness about the dangers of untreated water, purification systems have been gaining popularity. Better quality water is healthier for drinking, cooking and cleaning. It is free of metallic elements and bacteria, which can cause minute to severe sicknesses. Having pure water on tap also diminishes the risks of drinking water that has only existed in plastic bottles. Showering in pure water can help those that suffer from a variety of allergies and skin ailments.

Boasting a variety of paybacks, your health isn’t the only thing that stands to benefit when you install water treatment in your house. Hard water, or untreated water, can wreak havoc on your plumbing systems as well as kitchen and bathroom appliances. It wears away at the tubing, drainage and internal functionality of these integral elements of your home. Consistent and long-term use of untreated water on plumbing and appliances can cause earlier repairs and overall replacement in comparison to homes with treated water.

Bacteria grows faster and more resistant in hard water environments. Even water that is purified at a water treatment facility is vulnerable to bacteria and germs on its way through the public water system. Bottled water goes through pipes and vats before it is bottled bringing a risk to this type of water as well. Purifying water in your own home is the sole way to ensure that totally and completely safe water is provided to your family for showering, drinking, eating and all the other necessary uses of water.

At first glance it seems cheaper to buy bottled water rather than implement a home purification system. However, cases of bottled water can add up to hundreds of dollars each year. For families with a lot of children, in warmer climates, this cost rises up into the thousands annually. Drinking purified water from your sink eliminates the need for cases of bottled water. In fact, you can purchase a BPA free water bottle and refill it safely over and over right from the sink.

Having your own water purification system can also protect you again price inflation and water availability during an emergency. Pipe breaks, earthquakes and oil spills are just a few things that can lead to contaminated and insufficient water. During these times, water is in limited supply making the prices increase. With drinkable water right in your own home, you will never have to face an emergency situation whereby supply is unavailable.

In both the short-term and long-term, water purification can help your home, family and finances. Just like investing in central air conditioning or a new roof, water purification helps the household and increases the value of the property. Looking at the facts and benefits, choosing a home water purification system can be an easy choice.