Water; The Basis to Life Function

woman hydrating Because our bodies need plenty of water to survive, the effects of not drinking enough can result in dehydration. If you have to wonder whether or not you are dehydrated, odds are you should be drinking more water. Consider this; you can go 2 weeks without food, but only two days without water.

Dehydration starts off with mild to moderate symptoms at first, some of which can show up within a day of not drinking enough. If you are experiencing dry mouth, decreased urine, headaches, or dry skin, you may be entering the initial stages of dehydration. You may even feel dizzy or lightheaded.

If you allow these mild symptoms to progress by not hydrating yourself, you may be risking a trip to the emergency room. People experiencing severe dehydration may have a rapid heartbeat, a fever, and no urination. Eventually, dehydration can even cause unconsciousness.

Suffering from even the mildest symptoms of dehydration is no fun, so it’s important to drink water as soon as you feel any of them coming on. But if you make it habit to drink water regularly, and forgo the sugary and soft crinks, it would be a non-issue. Just remember to bring along an extra bottle any time you plan on exercising or being outside for long periods of time.