What is an Ozonator?

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What are Ozonators?

Yes, exactly what is an Ozonator? Well, believe it or not, ozonators are machines that purify the environment inside a structure. Ozonators main objective is to naturally disinfect and purify the air and water, without generating waste as it does. It is a respectful way of improving the environment with antiseptic properties and is used domestically and industrially.

A medical definition of ozonators an apparatus or device that generates ozone and diffuses it into a room’s atmosphere, which at this time, has not proven to have any medical or therapeutic benefits. It is also defined as an apparatus or device that produces ozone with an electrical brush-discharge into the air and is found useful in hot tubs. 

Will Ozonators kill bacteria?

Through case studies, it has been confirmed that ozonators eliminate both inorganic and organic material, ending the life of fungi, microorganisms, and viruses. Viruses such as MRSA are eliminated with ozonators, as well as destroy the SARS coronavirus with ozone gas. While SARS is similar to the COVID 19 virus, Ozonators have not been proven to eliminate the bacteria and germs that are linked to the latest cause of today’s pandemic. 

Will ozone kill mold?

Ozonators, also referred to as ozone generators, are used for killing bacteria, mildew, and mold by professionals. When needed to blast or shock treat an area, Ozonators are used commercially, such in mold remediation, and in renovation and restoration projects. 

Ozonators are sold to consumers as an air cleaner, air ionizer, or air purifier that will disinfectant or deodorize a room in their home, or a whole house. For commercial purposes and industrial purposes, ozone is required in a high concentrated level and Ozonators should only be used in unoccupied spaces. Applications where Ozonators are used include: 

  • Mold Remediation – Mold spore and physical contact is required in most mold treatment processes as the ozone travels through the air and permeable materials. Because ozone in a high concentration can permanently kill mold, Ozonators or ozone generators are common pieces of equipment for contractors working mold remediation. Air scrubbers and commercial humidifiers are used in combination with Ozonators to provide an effective solution to mold remediation.
  • Smoke and Odor Removal – Ozonators are used for removing fire and tobacco smells as well as other indoor odors. The device changes the composition of smoke and odorous molecules, then dissipates the pungent smells.

Are Ozonators dangerous?

The answer will depend on who you ask. Manufacturers of Ozonators or ozone generators see these as air purifiers for indoor spaces and their marketing declares them to effective and safe. As more of us become concerned with the air we breathe, indoors and outdoors, Ozonators have increased in popularity. 

For a homeowner that is seeking a way to sanitize the air in their home, remove cooking or tobacco odors, Ozonators are helpful in these situations for occupied spaces like the bedroom, living room, or kitchen.  When manufactured by the EPA and OSHA guidelines, they are perfectly safe. 

Do Ozonators really work?

Most homeowners will tell you yes, they work and are helpful in cleaning the air in their home. However, if you are still uncertain that Ozonators are the way to go for you, there are other methods that are effective and simple for cleaning the indoor air pollution in your home: 

  • Remove and replaced materials and products that cause indoor air pollution
  • If no replacement material or  product is available, store the polluting items elsewhere
  • If removing the source isn’t possible, reduce its strength
  • Do not allow smoking in your home.
  • Clean moist and wet  surfaces frequently to prevent bacterial and mold growth.
  • Fix plumbing leaks promptly and allow the area to completely dry before sealing it off.
  • Keep bathroom doors closed and make sure clothes dryer is vented outside.

Are pool Ozonators worth it?

Ozonators and pools are not a recommended combination. Because Ozone has a short lifespan and cannot be stored for use later, Ozonators are not an ideal or practical device for a home with a swimming pool. Ozonators to have the potential for good performance in eliminating odors inside the home though, but when it comes to the contaminants related to swimming pools and those in the pool, there can be dangerous. 

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Can Ozonators be bad?

Ozone has the potential of be dangerous when combined with other chemicals or alone, especially when inhaled. Even a relatively low amount of ozone has been known to cause chest pain, coughing, and shortness of breath with throat irritation. Since Ozonators create ozone, they should be used with utmost attention to these issues and remove the device if they occur or become worse.

While we want to breathe fresher air in our homes, Ozonators may or may not be the answer to every home. Using the information we have provided here, like removing materials and products that create odors, forbid smoking in the home, opening windows and using vent fans may be the healthier way to live. Call 800-633-8469 today for your ozonator installation in Leander, TX.