8 Ways To Conserve Water

Are you noticing lately that your water bills are sky high? Are you wanting to help the planet or in a drought- stricken area? There are tons of ways to cut back on your water usage.

Tips to Conserve Water At Home

Turn off the sink faucet while brushing your teeth

 Turn off the tap after you wet your brush brush and only turn it back on when it’s time to rinse.

Cut your showers short

Conserve Water To Save Money And Help The Environment

Yeah the hot water feels good, but you’re wasting five gallons of water every minute you have your 30 minute shower. Speed things up or take baths if you want to relax.

Water the lawn and outdoor plants in the morning

 You’ll need less water since the morning temperatures are cooler and less water will evaporate.

Only run the dishwasher and machine machines when they are full

Half loads waste gallons of water.

If you have a pool, use a pool cover

 This will prevent water loss from evaporation, while also reducing chemical use and keeping it clean.

Don’t over water indoor plants

Not only does that kill them, but it wastes water. Look for signs of over watering if leaves are light green or yellow. You can monitor plant watering by placing ice cubes on top of their soil so they get controlled amounts of water as it melts.

Wash your dog on the part of the lawn that needs watering

Your dirty canine gets cleaned and your grass gets fed, a win-win situation.

Check for leaks

This hidden problem could be the monster that has been skyrocketing your water bill. Leaks are often from broken pipes which need to be professionally repaired.


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