How to Deal With Contaminated Well Water

Contaminant Free Water

Your Water Should Be Clear And Contaminant Free Every Time.

Have you noticed a funny smell or taste in your drinking water? Is it discolored? After a wash, are your clothes and cutlery suddenly showing orange residue? Your well water plays a huge role in your home’s daily chores and functionality. That’s why when these sorts of issues occur in the home, it can cause a big problem. All of the aforementioned issues can be a sign that you have contaminants in your well water. These contaminants are sulfur and iron. It is important to get these taken care of quickly as they can cause health issues and hinder your home’s daily routine. They can be removed easily with a water treatment system, preventing them from causing a lot of damage to your home and plumbing.

What These Contaminants Do

Sulfur and iron have different issues that they cause, but they share staining, especially on clothing, and changing the taste and smell of your water. Sulfur, as it travels through your plumbing, creates a slime that will coat through your pipes and make it hospitable to iron. Over time, this slime wears on your pipes, corroding them and clogging them, leading to expensive repairs. Iron, on the other hand, goes the extra step, It can harm your goods and yourself. While we all need a little iron, too much iron can lead to overload and cause health complications. It can also damage your skin, wearing health cells down and leaving lasting damage.

To ensure your home gets the quality water it needs, choose a water treatment system to be installed in your home. Ozone Pure Water installs quality treatment and purification systems for your home. Call us today at 800-633-8469 for your water treatment need in Leander, TX.