The Advantages of Ozone Pool Systems

Swimming pools are popular for both recreation and fitness, but maintaining a safe pool environment requires treating the water to avoid the growth of harmful bacteria and other microorganisms. The traditional way of treating pool water has been with chemicals like chlorine or bromine. An increasingly popular option, however, is to use an ozone treatment unit. These are some of the benefits of ozone pool systems.


An Ozone Pure Water pool unit is designed to be easy to install. You can quickly and easily enjoy the benefits of ozone filtration in your pool. Our pool units are also designed to require only minimal maintenance.


Pool chemicals are expensive and require frequent testing to be sure the levels are not too low or high. An Ozone Pure Water pool unit is a cost effective solution for maintaining clear, clean, safe water in your swimming pool. Ozone filtration is more cost effective than chemical treatment.


You may still use chemicals in your pool in conjunction with an ozone treatment unit, but you will be able to use less than before. Reducing the chemicals that are added to the water not only saves time and money, it also reduces the risks of chemical exposure. Unpleasant chemical effects like rashes and red eye can be a thing of the past with an ozone pool filtration unit.


Ozone treatment is also more effective than chlorine for treating a number of dangerous microorganisms that can be a problem with pools. It is also effective at destroying many contaminants like oils that are found in pools.

Ozone Pure Water has been a pioneer in the water treatment industry for more than three decades. Our filtration units are the ideal way to maintain the water in your pool safely and effectively. Contact us today at 800-633-8469 to learn more about our pool units or other water treatment products.