Symptoms Caused by Contaminated Water

There are many people living in the U.S. who take the drinking water that comes out of their tap for granted. They have grown accustomed to getting a steady supply of clean, safe water delivered directly to their homes, so they don’t usually spend much time thinking about how lucky they are to have it.

They also don’t spend much time thinking about how they could be susceptible to ingesting contaminated water at times due to a variety of circumstances. There are times when drinking water can become contaminated for any number of reasons, and there are some dangerous symptoms that can come along with it. There are bacteria and viruses that can find their way into local water supplies and cause you to develop health problems that could range from a short-term illness to a long-term issue that requires extensive care and treatment.

There are some symptoms that you can look out for in the event of contaminated water making its way into your home. If microbial pathogens—or things like dysentery and salmonella—are in your home’s water, you will often experience flu-like symptoms. Some of these symptoms might include vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, cramping, and more. You should look out for these symptoms and have your home’s water tested if you experience them regularly. You should also look out for other symptoms that can build up over a long period of time before exposing themselves. Water contamination has been known to cause thyroid disease, cancer, and more in some people in the past. This usually happens when traces of arsenic, lead, and radon are found in water.

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