Are Home Water Filtration Systems Worth It?

water filtration system

What does a water filtration system do?

Is the water in your home safe, really safe and healthy? We assume to easily that our government has set up standards that make our water safe, but is it really? Part of life is realizing even under the strictest guidelines and restrictions, there can be a weak spot that lets the unwanted through. Which is why having a whole house water treatment system installed is a smart decision. 

The water coming out of your faucets has traveled a journey before it got there. It originated from a lake or river, or maybe it came from a well dug into the ground somewhere. Then it went through a treatment process at a government approved water treatment center. 

Unfortunately, while that treatment removed many unhealthy and unwanted contaminants, it picked up some others along that journey. Things like dirt, contaminants, and particulates, things that can make your water taste funny and smell. That is why you and your family can benefit from a whole house water treatment system. 

A whole house water treatment system, often referred to as the point-of-entry tap. This system is installed at the main water line before it enters your home. From there, the water filtration system benefits are numerous. Take a look what a whole house water treatment system can offer your family: 

  1. Constant safer drinking water. With a whole house water treatment system, you can be sure that the water coming into your home will be healthier and safer tap water and  even better than bottled water. Unfiltered water from treatment centers still has a level of lead in addition to the chemicals they add like chlorine and fluoride. A whole house water treatment system will remove those things and more than 2,000 other impurities and toxins
  2. Environmentally Friendly. A whole house water treatment system  will eliminate your share of the fifty billon plastic water bottles that ended un in American landfills last year. Did you know it takes up to 450 years for a plastic water bottle to disintegrate? 
  3. Minimize skin conditions. A whole house water treatment system  will remove things like chlorine, fluoride, and other heavy metal substances are known to aggravate eczema, psoriasis, and other skin conditions.  
  4. Save money. For a household that keeps bottled water around, having a whole house water treatment system will save you big money. With a household of 4 drinking 3 bottles of water each day, you’re spending at least $700 a year in bottled water. A whole house water treatment system can cost your up to $500 and nothing more other than replacing the filter every so often, usually less than $50, and your usual water bill. 
  5. Minimize plumbing repair bills. With a whole house water treatment system , your plumbing bills will be minimized because the things that damage plumbing will be filtered out. Those chemicals, heavy metals, and minerals that aren’t good for you, aren’t good for the plumbing system in your home either. Think beyond the faucet and consider the damage happening to your dish washer, ice maker, washing machine, even the garbage disposal. 
  6. Disaster preparedness.  When the city or county has sewer lines bursting, it leaves your plumbing vulnerable for contamination. However, with a whole house water treatment system, your water is protected! 
  7. Soap saver. An whole house water treatment system does much of the same things that a water softener does, so you won’t need to double up on the soap for baths, cleaning, or laundry. The minerals that will make water hard is prevented by a whole house water treatment system. 
  8. Better tasting drinking water. A whole house water treatment system will remove elements that is causing your drinking water to smell bad and taste bad. The bacteria, chlorine, and lead are removed, giving you healthy, purified, safe water with lower pH levels. 
  9. Gastrointestinal disease risk reduced. There are many parasites found in unfiltered water along with many microscopic organisms. With a whole house water treatment system, those things are removed and minimizes the possibilities of your family suffering with aggravated  digestive and  intestinal problems.
  10. Remove deposits of soap scum from clothes. With a whole house water treatment system , the chemicals in your tap water that leave soap scum deposits and residue are gone. This eliminates the possibilities of allergies and  rashes forming. 

Do whole home water filters work, and what is the best water filtration system?

A whole house water treatment system can come in an assortment of filter media. Choosing from the carbon filter, the reverse osmosis, or the advanced next-generation filter technology.  The carbon-based, 3 stage whole house water treatment system  is the most economical choice from the point of purchase to the maintenance factor. 

Most carbon-based whole house water treatment system can be found for under $800, and you’ll get up to 300,000 gallons from it before the main tank should be replaced. This will give a household of 4 about 3 year of use before the replacement.  

What’s the difference between a water softener and water filtration system?

The difference between water filtration system vs water softener is what they do.  The water filter system is going to remove contaminants from the water coming you’re your home, giving you safer water to consume. A  water softener will remove the minerals that cause water to be hard and leave scales and scum behind. from the water that causes hardness and scale.

water filtration system

Does water filtration systems increase home value?

Certainly! Especially if the area where a home is located is known for hard water with high content of minerals.  Anyone concerned with the health and well-being of their family will appreciate the added value of a whole house water treatment system  already installed.

After reading our piece you may be asking yourself, “Do I really need a whole house water filter?”, and while it may not be the law, it could be the difference of your family living a healthier and longer life.  A water filtration system for home will filter the contaminants that your body is absorbing through your skin. By having a whole house water treatment system installed in your home, the entire house will have access to clean, healthy, safe water. Call 800-633-8469 today for your water filtration installation in Leander, TX.