The Facts On Carbon Water Filter Replacement

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How often should carbon water filters be changed?

Nothing is as refreshing as a cool glass of water. However, it almost goes without saying that tap water doesn’t always taste great. That’s why so many people have turned to carbon water filtration systems. Not only do they make your water taste better, but they can also make it safer to use. 

However, once you have a carbon water filter installed there are some things you’re going to want to keep in mind, including when your carbon water filter needs to be replaced. A good rule of thumb is to replace your carbon water filter every six months to a year. Additionally, to keep your water safe to use and of the best quality possible, you shouldn’t go more than a year without changing the filter. 

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How long does a carbon water filter last?

You have plenty of reasons to pay attention to the lifespan of your carbon water filter. You want to be certain the water filter you’re using is doing its job, but you don’t want to purchase a carbon filter for your water if you don’t need it. 

As a starting point to figure out how long a carbon water filter will last, look at the information provided to you by the seller. Many will give you a basic idea of its lifespan. This includes how many gallons you can expect it to filter safely and about how many months you’ll be able to use it. It’s also important to realize the lifespan of a carbon water filter will change based on the contaminants in your water. Those with poor water conditions will want to replace their water filter more often. 

What does a carbon water filter remove?

Speaking of contaminants, you may already be wondering exactly what a carbon water filter can remove. These filters are highly effective and can get rid of many common impurities found in water. This includes chlorine and chlorine by-products, which are often added to water. Carbon water filters remove various herbicides and pesticides as well for improved safety overall. On top of all this, they are highly effective at removing sediment and other particles that can be found in water. 

What happens if you don’t change a water filter?

Everybody can get a bit lazy when it comes to taking care of basic household tasks, and changing the water filter is no exception. However, it’s a good idea to set a reminder and make sure you change your water filter when it’s time. The way a carbon water filter works means it will not work as well over time. 

How does a carbon water filter work?

A carbon water filter works by pulling in a variety of contaminants. Over time, it can become filled with too many contaminants to work properly. This can keep it from working at all, which means your carbon water filter system isn’t doing its job. 

How a Carbon Water Filter Works

There is one important word to remember when it comes to how a carbon water filter works: adsorption. And no, that’s not a typo. Adsorption is a different process from absorption, forcing contaminants to cling to the filter like Velcro. 

You should also remember that different types of carbon can be used in carbon water filters. The type of carbon can make a big difference in the way a filter works. Types of carbon found in filters include: 

  • Granular activated carbon 
  • Carbon block
  • Radial flow carbon

Is a carbon water filter safe?

Have you ever wondered whether carbon water filters are really safe to use? If so, here is one important thing to remember. Not only are carbon water filters completely safe to use, they can also make your water much healthier overall. While they remove common impurities, they won’t remove important minerals such as calcium and magnesium. 

Will a carbon water filter remove lead?

Unfortunately, lead is still a common concern when it comes to the safety of the water we use. It is just one of the reasons so many people now use carbon water filters in their homes. However,  not all carbon water filters remove lead. Only carbon water filters made with the right type of carbon in the right amount can help ensure your water is entirely lead-free. 

Can a carbon water filter be cleaned?

One of the great things about carbon is how durable it is. This durability means you can easily clean a carbon water filter if needed. To do so, simply turn off the water filter system and remove the water filter from its housing. After that, soak it in distilled water for about a half-hour, shake off any debris on the filter, and give it a good rinse and wipe it down. It can then be put back into place without any need for drying. However, remember that even with cleaning, a carbon water filter will not work as well over time. You should only clean a water filter two or three times before replacing it. 

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Buying a Carbon Water Filter for the Whole House

People often imagine water pitchers and smaller filtration systems when thinking of carbon water filters. However, you can now purchase a carbon water filtration system capable of keeping all of the water in your home fresh and clean. These systems are affordable and easy to use in addition to being healthier. Whether you need a system installed or you’re looking for everything necessary for carbon water filter replacement near Leander, TX, Ozone Pure Water is here to help. Call now at 800-633-8469.