Benefits of Ozone in Hot Tubs or Spas

spaWhether you have a hot tub in your home or run commercial spa facility, using ozone in your water has numerous benefits. Ozone is an oxidizer made up of three oxygen atoms proven to eliminate most contaminants found in water. And this is among several reasons you should purify your spa water.

To keep the water free of bacteria, hot tub owners have traditionally relied on dosing the water with harsh chemicals like chlorine. Ozone in your water eliminates the need for any chemicals, subsequently eliminating risk of irritation that sometimes accompanies these elements.

Most immediately noticeable, and most important to some, is keeping your water clean without chlorine means no chemical odor. The chlorine odor sticks around on your skin and swim suit until you shower and do a load of laundry, not to mention if you have an indoor spa the odor could perpetually linger. And naturally purified water and a chemical/noxious-free environment is simply more appealing and more conducive to relaxation.

Purifying your hot tub water with ozone is also a great way to extend the life of your equipment. Not unlike most things in your life requiring maintenance, hot tub upkeep can rack up quickly. Already expensive in the first place, keeping spa maintenance costs low starts with the water you have circulating your pumps and filter. Harsh chemicals in the water can greatly break down and shorten the life of your components… and greatly increase your maintenance bill.

Not only will ozone help to get rid of bacteria and viruses found in your spa water, but it can also eliminate algae buildup. These are just some of the many reasons you should purify your hot tub water with ozone.