Tips to Sterilize Water in the Back-Country

camping waterIf you are worried about the safety of your drinking water but you don’t yet have a purification system in place, there are a few other options available to you. While most tap water is completely harmless, it could contain minerals and other impurities that are not met to be consumed in large amounts. But making sure drinking your drinking water is clean when you’re in the back-country wilderness is crucial for preventing pathogen-born illness.

While it may take a bit of extra time, boiling water can sterilize it. In order to kill any potential germs in the water, you need to let it remain boiling for at least a minute. Of course, then you also have to wait for the water to cool down to room temperature before you can drink it.

If you don’t want to spend the time boiling your water– or are in a position whereby you lack the resources– you can also use chlorine tablets. Chlorine tablets have been around for a while and do the trick, but many are bothered by the after taste they leave behind. Sterilizing tablets are best regarded as a last resort.

While these two options are perfect for keeping your water sterilized while camping or hunting, your best bet is to bring as much water as you can haul. After your supply is diminished, only then should you resort to water-sterilizing options. For your home supply, the easiest way to ensure all of the drinking water in your home is safe as possible is with a water purification system.