Free Water Testing Services

Clean Water Testing

How Clean is Your Home’s Water?

If you have a home, and you use tap water frequently without a filtration system, read this! today we are going to go over our free water testing services. Tap water isn’t always one hundred percent safe, and adding a water filtration system can make all of the difference. If you aren’t completely sure that your tap water is safe, call us today to request your free home water testing!

The Point Of A Water Test

Tap water can often carry hidden contaminants such as metals, heavy minerals, bacteria, and trace amount of chemicals. Over time, with continuous exposure, these contaminants can cause everything from minor skin problems to hair loss and hormone disruption in you and your pets too! Low quality water can be very dangerous to the whole family. The point of our water test is to alert you to any contaminants that may be affecting your family.

How Does It Work?

Simply send us a 16 oz sample of your water in a clean container. If you have access to a sterile container, that will provide the best results, but even a well washed and dried container will do just fine! When we receive your water sample, we will test it for all chemicals and metals to let you know how safe, or unsafe, your drinking water is. Call us today at 800-633-8469 to get started!