2 Reasons Why a Pool Ozonator is Better Than Chlorine

Home Pool with a Pool Ozonator

Installing an Ozonator on Your Pool Provides Extra Clean Water With No Harsh Side-Effects.

When most people think of cleaning the water in their home swimming pools, they think that chlorine is the best option. Chlorine has been used in water sanitation for years, and for many years it was the number one choice. Recent developments in technology have allowed for a wider range of water sanitation options for home swimming pools. Ozone Pure Water offers services to install, maintain a pool ozonator in your home’s backyard pool.

Why Choose a Pool Ozonator?

There are many benefits to installing a pool ozonator in your backyard pool. They are very easy to install and very cost effective over the course of several years. Here are two specific reasons you might consider getting an ozone filtrations system for your pool.

Better Performance
Pool ozonators are able to purify the water of both living and inorganic contaminants. This includes mold, mildew, bacteria, yeast and fungi. It also cleans the water of all body oils and human contaminants.

Less Harsh
Chlorine is a very harsh and corrosive chemical. It burns your eyes, nose and mouth and over time it eats away at the lining of the pool. Pool ozonators don’t add any chemicals to the water, which reduces the damage to the pool lining and doesn’t harm your family as they play in the pool.

Ozone Pure Water is here to answer all your questions about pool ozonators. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits you could experience from one of these filtration systems, contact our office at 800-633-8469. Let us help your family get the most out of your backyard pool.