A History of Ozone Purification

You’re probably familiar with the word “ozone” and know what the ozone layer that surrounds the Earth is. But did you know that the human discovery of ozone dates back almost 200 years?

Ozone was first discovered in 1840 by a chemist named Christian Friedrich Schonbein who called it ozone, deriving the name from the Greek word “ozein” that means scent, according to history posted by Epson and Ewell History Explorer in the United Kingdom. Schonbein detected a very unique smell when he first discovered it and named it accordingly.

In the years that followed Schonbein’s discovery, there were a lot of studies done on ozone and, in particular, its ability to serve as a disinfectant. The first ozone generator was built in Germany by inventor Ernst Werner von Siemens, according to the Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems, an effort of UNESCO. He pointed out that ozone might have practical applications when used to clean water.

Researchers in countries like the Netherlands and France continued studying its properties, and by the early 1900s, the French city of Nice started using ozone to clean water. It is often referred to as the “place of birth of ozone for drinking water treatment” today.

Other countries started using ozone soon after to clean their water supplies. While the discovery of chlorine led to some nations and cities moving away from using ozone for water treatment purposes, the potential side effects of chlorine disinfection – specifically, the production of harmful byproducts called trihalomethanes – forced many people around the world to reconsider the benefits of using ozone for treating water.

Ozone has been proven to disinfect water and remove microorganisms, including many of those that have developed a resistance to other disinfectants. It’s been a long road, but ozone has found its rightful place in the world of water treatment.

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