Look Out For These Water Contaminants

Look Out For These Water ContaminantsEven though it may not be a popular thought, the air around us and the water we use is filled with numerous contaminants that can harm us.

It’s unfortunate, but outside of living in a bubble, there’s no real way to avoid them. However, we can do what we can to avoid them.

Here are a few of those contaminants and how we can prevent them.


Calcium Lime Hardness

This is the white, crusty deposits you find on your shower heads or drains. Calcium lime hardness is formed by two things: one of them being poorly maintenanced hot water system and the other is soap not being totally rinsed out of the shower or tub.

So take the time to rinse when your bathing is finished.

Tannic Acid

A yellow liquid that will stain your laundry, toilet and sinks. This occurs when your water hardens – to fix simply purchase a water softener from the store.

Hydrogen Sulfide/Sulfur

This is a foul, rotten egg-like odor that can leave black or gray specs on laundry, toilets and dishwashers just to name a few.

What causes this is bacteria in groundwater that makes its way into the water in your home.

Pesticides, Nitrates, Sulfates

These are odorless, tasteless and colorless contaminants that can lead to serious health problems.

They make their way into our water supply from groundwater.


This might be in your water supply if your laundry, toilet or sinks start to get orange or red stains on them. Iron makes its way into our water because the rain from a shower infiltrates the soil and dissolves it, allowing it to seep into our home’s supply.

Ozone Pure Water specializes in water purification and filtration systems to help make sure the water you drink is safe.

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