Ozone Process- How Does it Work?

Now for many, water purification can be a little difficult to comprehend. Between the process and the different types of systems that can be used such as Ozone units, it may look like rocket science.

That couldn’t be farther from the truth though as Ozone units and their water purification process is quite easy to understand and it has been around for a long time.

Ozone has been being used to purify water as early as the 19thcentury and compared to other chemicals used to treat water it is much more efficient and cheaper.


It is a gas and when it is applied to the water in your home it acts as not only an oxidant but a disinfectant as well. The whole process starts in the location where water enters your home. Then obviously, from there it goes through your filtration system.

Ozone is then injected as small bubbles into the water of your home. Once in there it pulls out harmful materials such as iron, sulfur and manganese all while eliminating any bacteria in the water.

From there the water is aerated and filtered. During that time, all of the previously mentioned harmful materials are removed from the water which then leaves you with safe water to consume.

Ozone Pure Water offers water purification and filtration systems to help make sure the water in your home, office or industrial building is as clean as possible.

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