How Much Water Should You Drink?

water coolerMany people have a glass of water when they’re thirsting, but that’s not always enough. This is especially true if you enjoy drinks like coffee that can actually dehydrate you, or if you engage in regular physical activity. Substituting water for other drinks isn’t a great idea for your health, and you still need to consume a certain amount of water a day in order to keep yourself as hydrated as possible. While the exact amount may vary a bit from person to person, we’re here to go over exactly how much water you should be drinking each and every day.

One of the most important things to remember is that over half your body weight is made up of water. It is essential for not only ensuring nutrients reach your cells, but also for getting rid of various toxins that can build up throughout your system. Without enough water you will be more tired, and could even lead to more serious symptoms like passing out.

The amount of water a person should drink every day is different for men and women. In general, men should be drinking about 13 cups, while women need 9 cups. This many sound like a lot at first, but a cup is not actually that large. If you carry around a water bottle, odds are you can fill it up with at least a few cups worth of water.

Ensuring your body is constantly hydrated should be your primary goal. Try to spread your water consumption out over the course of the day, and make sure you have extra water nearby if you plan on working out or even being outside on a hot day.