The Many Benefits of Ozonation

Purifying Water with Ozone


An Ozonator Can Provide Your Home with the Cleanest Water Possible.

While many people sing the praises of ozone-treated water, others have never heard of the process, much less the ozonator water purification systems that do the work. In fact, individuals commonly are not even sure they know what ozone means. Put simply, ozone represents an unstable form of oxygen. The oxygen you breathe is O2 and consists of two molecules of oxygen bound together. Ozone is O3, which means it consists of three oxygen molecules.

Ozonation is the procedure by which ozone becomes added to water. The addition of ozone to drinking water kills bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms, and breaks down other organic pollutants. When added to water, ozone exists as a gas and is created through the exposure of oxygen molecules to UV radiation. At Ozone Pure Water, we are your local source for a water purification ozonator in Leander, TX. If you are curious about this process or want an ozonator in your home, give us a call at 800-633-8469.

What Is the Process of Ozonation


Ozone Destroys Bacteria on a Molecular Level.

When applied to water for the purposes of drinking, ozonation mimics the sun’s natural creation of ozone in our upper atmosphere. Ultraviolet lamps inside of the ozonator expose compressed air to UV radiation. The oxygen in the air reacts to the UV radiation, and some of it converts into ozone. This ozone then gets passed into a diffuser, which contains bubbles that become saturated with the gas.

These bubbles are then introduced into the water. The ozone breaks down, which leads the oxygen molecules to bind with any organic particles in the water. Oxidation, a natural process where oxygen reacts to organic particles, then takes place and represents the manner by which the particles are neutralized. Many types of bottled water use ozonation to purify their products, and the process accounts for around 90 percent of all purified water.

How Does Ozone Kill Bacteria?

Ozone interacts directly with bacteria and kills these organisms on a molecular level. When ozone is injected into water, it attempts to bind with the bacteria. When ozone encounters a bacterium, it actually punctures the cell walls. This process gets repeated until the bacterium becomes so damaged, that it falls apart. Thus neutralized, the bacteria no longer represent a health threat. This process gets repeated until no microorganisms remain.

Ozone Treatment Installation Services

At Ozone Pure Water, we are your team for the service or installation of an ozonator in Leander, TX. We offer a pair of different ozone water purification systems for the benefit of our clients. Our miniozonator takes care of essential needs, while our full-sized ozonator can service an entire home or business. Ozonator devices can install under your home’s sink, on spas, water heaters, and wells, and on any commercial device that utilizes or dispenses water. To learn more or schedule service, simply give us a call today at 800-633-8469.