Why Does My Water Stink?

Smelly Water

If You Have Smelly Water, There Exist a Variety of Causes and Solutions.

No one should have to live with smelly water. If the stink of rotten eggs or some other unpleasant smell emanates from the water you use to drink, clean, and bathe, then you need to find a solution. While the contaminants are typically harmless, smelly water is a problem in and of itself. If you have smelly water in Leander, TX, you can count on Ozone Pure Water for help.

The Causes of Smelly Water

Before you can pursue treatment for your stinky water, you must know the nature of the cause. Some types of smells can be eradicated through whole house water treatment, while others might necessitate a call to the local water department. If you depend on well water instead of municipal water, your problems and solutions will also likely differ.

  • Medicinal Odor: A medicinal odor like bleach or chlorine comes from chemicals added for water treatment.
  • Rotten Eggs: If you have a well, your water must contain a high level of iron and sulfur. If you’re on city water, then you likely have a bacteria issue.
  • Musty Odor: Decaying matter in your drains or insufficient chlorine are the likely causes. Well water with this smell has likely become contaminated from surface drainage.

Of these three, the most common — and most disgusting — issue is the rotten egg smell. The presence of the minerals that cause this smell, iron and sulfur, needs addressing. People on city water will usually need to contact municipal authorities to have the problem addressed. If you depend on a well, a whole house treatment system will rid your water of iron and sulfur, improve its smell and taste, and lengthen the life of appliances like your water heater. If an excessive amount of minerals have already hardened in your water heater, you may need to replace your device. For exceptional value, you can always depend on service from Lochnivar water heaters.

At Ozone Pure Water, we offer a range of solutions for bad-tasting or smell water in Leander, TX. To learn more or schedule service, give us a call today at 800-633-8469.