What is a Water Ozonator?

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There is a debate on whether an Ozonator is a better water purifier than an ionizer. While they are commonly used ionizers do have their disadvantages and are not as effective as ozonators. Unlike ozonators, ionizers need to be treated with other substances in order to be effective while ozonators can be used by itself. This means that not all bacteria may be destroyed without the proper chemicals needed to be used alongside ionizers. Ionizers also leave behind stained pools on the bottom surface and inner surroundings. Now that we have the ozonators vs ionizers out of the way, let’s delve into how ozone works, its long-term health, and the treatment process.

How does a water Ozonator work?

When oxygen is exposed to ultraviolet light it creates what is called an ozone gas. This ozone is then added to the water. It destroys the bacteria and any other parasites that are floating around in the water and purify it. An Ozonator generator doesn’t just apply to purifying your drinking water. Although Ozonator for water is its main usage,  it can be used to purify your hot tub water as well as standing food like fruit to destroy any airborne chemicals that may come in contact. Second, to bleach, ozone is powerful in sanitizing. Ozone therapy has even become a thing to help combat diseases. It has been shown to have little to no side effects.

Is ozone water safe to drink?

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Well, the first question is, what is ozone? Ozone is an oxygen component that is added to your water to act as sanitation as it is dissolved into your water. Its sanitation improves the quality of water taste by removing certain flavors caused by bacteria. Water that is purified by ozone is actually FDA approved and can be found in some spring and mineral water brands albeit rare due to the overall cost of ozonators. Drinking too much ozone can ultimately result in health-related issues such as anything related to your respiratory.  Breathing in pure ozone can be dangerous to your lungs as well.

How long does ozone stay in water?

Once added to water, ozone gas does not last long. Ozone gas lasts on average thirty minutes after it has been added so there is limited time to drink your water before it disappears. If you are adding ozone to your water, let your Ozonator run approximately ten minutes before use. Calculate the ounces that is considered safe and a decent quantity before drinking. You can do this by simple math. The amount of ounces of ozonated water to drink is determined by your weight divided by two on a daily basis.

What is ozone water treatment system?

An ozone water treatment system is used to disinfect drinking water as well as aquatic equipment such as pools and hot tubs. An ozonator generator will only last up to twelve hours after the injection process is complete. As stated previously ozone does not last very long while in water. After approximately thirty minutes, the ozone will turn back into oxygen. Some ozonator benefits include not only pure water but is a healthy alternative. Ozone generators are being used more and more frequently to purify around the house but more commonly used Ozonator for water.

Can you smell ozone?

Ozone does have a particular scent. It has been described as smelling similar to chlorine. It is described as a crisp, clean smell. Due to this smell, it is considered best practice to not expose or inhale too much ozone. Despite all of this, ozonators are worth it in the long run. These benefits include cleaner water and fewer chemicals to treat water compared to ionizers. As well as doing a better job at purifying the water being treated if only for a short period of time. While there are advantages of using ozone there will also be disadvantages.  
Just like indoor air quality in your home, having clean water is vital. Researching how ozone works with your new ozonator installation for your hot tub, pool, or drinking water can be very useful and help determine what is best for you in the long run. Compare the health benefits of drinking ozone water as well as how the water is being treated.  While applying ozonators to your pool and/ or hot tub, take into consideration whether you want to continue using ionizers or not considering the listed disadvantages in the previous post. Keep in mind that ozonators have better qualities when it comes to purifying your water and getting rid of the disgusting bacteria and parasites that linger in your water. For any inquiries on ozonator installation, call us at 800-633-8469.