Your Guide to Water Testing

In Texas, water systems can vary greatly. Many homes still depend on well systems while others feed on city water lines, some of which stretch for miles. Whether your family uses well or city water, you could be at risk of water contamination that can cause hard water, stains, and even health risks. While water hazards can be serious, they can also be prevented with the right system. Knowing what’s in your water and what systems are available can help you make the right decision for your family’s water supply.

Clean Water in a Glass

Water Testing Can Uncover What’s in Your Water

What’s Lurking in Your Water?

Your water could be chock full of contaminants that have been deposited by water seepage, leaky pipes, and water processing. These particles can cause stains on clothing and dishes, dry, itchy skin, and even digestion and other health problems. Toxins like arsenic, lead, Mercury, Fluoride, and many other harmful contaminants can enter your water supply at any point throughout its travel to your home, causing your family problems. Water testing and treatment can help rid your water of contaminants, delivering better tasting, healthier water for your home. Many people ask, “Is water testing free?” because of the serious nature of the problem. While comparatively inexpensive, water testing is not free. However, it is still worth the cost in many cases for clean water consumption.

Can You Test Your Water at Home?

At most local home supply stores, you can find a home water testing kit along with detailed instructions on how to test water quality at home. However, most of these options test for minimal contaminants. A professional water treatment specialist can test your water supply for almost any contaminant that could be lurking and provide advice and guidance on the best option for your water treatment plan. Using a water testing device, they can deliver an accurate assessment of your water makeup and provide information on filtration, treatment, and purification options that can return your water to pristine.

What Can You Test Water For?

Your home’s water can be tested for any type of contaminant or particle. Along with contaminants, your water supply can also be tested for problems like hard water which can be easily treated once discovered. Professional water testing services can screen your water for all types of impurities, from metals and minerals to poisons, pesticides, and other hazardous compositions.

What is the Most Important Water Quality Test?

While all water quality tests are important, testing for dissolved solids, coliform, and nitrate-nitrogen are crucial in well water systems. These contaminants build up in some wells and can sometimes lead to major sickness and severe digestion problems. Identifying hazardous contaminants such as these early can help save money, stress, and hardship. A professional can complete a well water test quickly and accurately for your own safety and peace of mind.

What are the Tests for Drinking Water?

Water SplashingLike a whole home test, drinking water tests are done by taking a small sample of water and screening it for a list of toxins and impurities. Many times, these tests are completed by using chemical reactive results such as litmus paper to distinguish exactly what is in your water. From there, your water specialist can help you decide which type of filtration or purification is best for your needs.

To test your drinking water quality, there are many routes you can take. A professional can test your drinking water along with the rest of your home’s water for a comprehensive view. You can also purchase drinking water testing kits at home supply stores. These kits offer testing for chemicals like bacteria, lead, and pesticides that can cause your family problems. Today, mail-in options are also available and are completed in 2-4 weeks.

Your Home’s Air Quality

Along with water quality, the quality of your home’s air can play an integral role in the health of your family. Viruses, bacteria, dust, mold, and other allergens and toxins can enter your air from a variety of places and wreak havoc on your family. Professional Texas roof repair for roof damages along with top-quality filters in your HVAC system are both common techniques for improving air quality and minimizing symptoms associated with asthma, bronchitis, COPD, and many other respiratory illnesses.

A Healthier Home

Your home’s air and water quality are imperative to the health and comfort of your family. When you’re in the market for dependable water testing in the Leander, TX area, call the Ozone Pure Water experts first. Our technicians can complete simple water testing to quickly and conveniently provide an accurate picture of exactly what’s in your water supply. We will also offer details on each of your filtration and purification options including lifespan, cost, and contaminant removal power so you are sure to make the best decision for your home. For water testing that you can rely on, call the Ozone Pure Water experts today at 800-633-8469.