The Health Benefits of an Ozonator

What is Ozone?

Air Ozonator

Ozanators Sanitize Various Air & Water Sources

Ozone is a form of oxygen, often used as a disinfectant, that can be artificially processed through high voltage electricity. Ozone can be used to filter air, water, food, and be added to industrial appliances. When used properly, in the right concentration, ozone will not produce any toxic residue.

What is an Ozonator?

An ozonator is a device, that comes in different varieties (large volume & small volume) that produces small amounts of ozone to clean things like water, air, and food. It is generally considered a sanitizer, as its primary objective is to remove harmful chemicals from substances that might inhabit them.

How Does Ozone Help My Health?

Using an ozonator can provide numerous health benefits to people and facilities across the world. They are used in a wide variety of settings from industrial, to residential. Some of the main health benefits of an ozonator are:

  • Air Purification: Clears air in rooms (specifically those that had been used to smoke cigarettes)
  • Anti-Bacterial for Food: Can kill harmful bacteria in food
  • Laundry Disinfectant: Destroys germs on laundry (particularly useful in hospitals or assisted living facilities)
  • Pool Water Disinfectant: Kills bacteria in swimming pools, spas and hot tubs (Chlorine Alternative)
  • Water Purification: Kills bacteria in tap water and other water sources

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